Welcome Home

We will be hosting our annual “Love-In” for the Great Lakes Rainbow Family this Feb. 11th thru 15th, 2015 !

Location for the event will be at the Universe Building near Fireweed Universe City located near interstate 75 on the corner of John R and the address 1 E. Montana St. in Detroit, MI 48203 . . . please see google maps for more directions.


A rainbow & lucky horseshoe painted (and an vintage sign that reads capitol drugs on the front of building). Entrance is thru a gated archway on Montana St. across from the Baptist Church parking lot) . Parking is available in our parking lot behind the building & parking along the street is a welcome.

On Feb 11th at around 8 p.m. there will be a drum circle and campfire at Dr. Bob’s Innate Healing Center & Goldengate Cafe’ located nearby just south of 7 mile at 18700 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48203 . . . please bring your drums & musical instruments & spoken word poetry is also welcomed (and encouraged) !

The official dates of the Great Lakes Rainbow “Love-In” are Feb 13th, 14th and 15th . . . please bring some food supplies, blankets, heartsongs & prayers . . . we will be hosting a open-mic for this fund raiser to benefit the annual gathering of peace & healing this summer. We welcome any spare firewood you may be able to donate. Bring your bliss, bed rolls & sleeping bags for comfort (hammocks and cots are most welcome). Please bring art supplies and materials, books or literature to help us host workshops. Help focalize info. & volunteers are welcome to help the kitchen . . . you are welcome to stay at one of our many intentional community houses at Fireweed Universe City and are of course welcome to stay at the venue also has plenty of space. We now have hot water & electricity including a furnace that provides warmth. Our kitchen could really use a extra burner that hooks to a propane , we have pots & pans but extra kitchen supplies will be greatly appreciated. There will be a campfire outside in the cafe’ outside for those who smoke tobacco. Thanks ! Welcome Home

We will be hosting a the Gathering (dance party) on Thursday, Feb 12th to help us fund raise for our rainbow events. Rainbow raps apply to this event so no alcohol inside the building. We have a stage open for everyone who wants to help fund raise with us. The is space to camp in the building and parking is available in a our own fenced in lot if necessary. Please feel free to park on Montana St. or across from Dr. Bob’s Innate Healing Center & Goldengate Cafe’.


Love In You !

May all beings be happy, may all beings be peaceful, may all beings be free!

Come join a virtual circle at any of the Great Lakes Rainbow message forums. Introduce yourself. Connect with kind folks. Share ideas and experience. Sing your heart-song ♥.

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Great Lakes Rainbow Facebook Page: A relatively new Facebook page where Great Lakes Family can connect and communicate.

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Turtle Soup Home Circle – TSHC Forum: A group for Turtle Soupers who need to discuss issues of import to the kitchen, local family, healing and other topics. This site has become a forum for moderated discussion of the various activities Great Lakes Rainbow Family…and “Turtle Soupers” looking to share information away from the “noise” of the Open GLOW forum. We can also still discuss healing issues as well.

You have found your way to another un-official Rainbow Family tribal web-site. Made with Love and Dedication to serve the Great Lakes Rainbow Family Tribe.

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