Great Lakes Rainbow Spring Council April 26 – 28, 2013

Great Lakes Rainbow Spring Council will be held on “The Land,” in Perry, MI, 4993 West Britton Rd Perry Michigan 48872, Friday April 26 – Sunday April 28, 2013. Map to the site

For those new to Rainbow, council is much like any other gathering with plenty of food, fun, music, old and new friends around the campfire, though at some time(s) during the weekend we’ll pass the feather in a circle to decide plans for the kitchen and trailer(s) over the summer. All are welcome in council, even first time gatherers. Plenty of informal discussions and also heartsong circles are likely as well. When an actual “council” is “happening” depends on the consensus of the council, but it will certainly happen sometime between Fri-Sun.

A long list of proposed items for discussion include, among others:

1) What is TS Kitchen doing for the 4th? 2) Turtle necklace? 3) Trailer Needs 4) Dates for Gallup Picinic. 4) Trailer clean up after serendipitous meetings in the Arb), 5) date for fall council and destination 5) Scouting for Regionals 6) Cart for hauling or kit for cart 7) Water Filters/Water Movie 8) New Tarps? 9) Gallup 10) The kitchen trailer must have its tire fixed. 11) check and prep both trailers, water lines, tarps and supplies during this council gathering for whatever adventures lay ahead.

12) We must decide if and how to distribute the kitchen between the annual gathering in Montana and a campout happening simultaneously within the Great Lakes region this summer. We will need strong contingents present, committed to volunteer for seed camps, set up, and clean up for one or both sites as determined by consensus.

This land is a sacred space so please honor this energy. The gathering ends on Sunday, so please respect the land and our hosts and don’t linger after that.

Bring food to share to, there is well water available on site. If you are staying overnight bring a tent, bedroll etc. and be prepared for cold and rain, after all it is Michigan. Lovin’ You!

Turtle Soup Council Notes Spring 2012 Green Eagle Farm

Present: Betsi, Jen, Jim, Lilly, Fia, Will, Arie, Jen, Greg, Grace, Digmoor, Mary, Colleen, Iam, Jaden, Casey, Joel, Steve, Krissy (If you are on the list and did not want listed , sorry. If you are not on the list and wanted listed, sorry)

Consensus: Turtle Soups Long Standing Consensus still stands

Safety First

Council agrees to post notes in edited form Continue reading Turtle Soup Council Notes Spring 2012 Green Eagle Farm

Post Your Links Here

There was talk in some of the old council notes for GLR Skills/Services Exchange.

Post your links here in the comments (email in comments area will not be published) or send an email to sistarbliss[at] and they will be added to the links page. Feel free to post any websites that may come to mind for informational resources. I’d like to see some links to shops or handicraft pages/blogs as I like to try and buy things from local folks when I can. I don’t know if I’m supposed to mention that sort of thing, as there’s typically no money exchanged – with the exception of Magic Hat. Trades are good too. I’ve been doing a lot of them lately. Even if someone has a shop set up, you can go there to look at the products and then contact them to work out a trade.

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