Directions to the annual Rainbow gathering of Living Light for 2016 . . . Welcome Home


welcome home

Howdy Folks

Consensus has been reached for 2016 to gather in the Green Mountain National Forest of Vermont !


directions to the annual Rainbow gathering of Living Light have been posted on the Welcome Home site :

Where the Gathering will be in 2016


Spring counsel for the 45th annual rainbow family of living light gathering of the tribes reached consensus by passing the feather in silence that we encourage individuals to gather at the Berry Field site in Vermont.

From all points South take Highway 7 from Manchester Vermont towards Danby, Vermont (north of Manchester, VT). Go 10 miles and turn right on Forest Road 10. The site is 6 miles on your left.

From all points North take Highway 7 from Rutland, Vermont. Go 20 miles and take a left turn on Forest Road 10. The site is 6 miles on your left.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People!


>> Elevation: 600 ft

>> Temperature and Weather: warm days, cool nights. So far beautiful days with no rain at all.

>> Water: so far so good

>> Bus Village … The Operations Plan states:

“Bus parking shall be on the baseball field in the town of Mt Tabor along Brooklyn Road/Mt Tabor Rd.”


Turtle Guide: What to bring ?

Rainbow Gatherings are “leave-no-trace” events. “Pack it in, pack it out!” There won’t be any trash cans on site.1. Camping Equipment & Tools: reusable eating utensils, bowls, plates, water bottles and containers, candles, solar or rechargeable battery powered flashlights, tents, sleeping bags, mats, tarps for rain and shade, ropes, clothespins, hammocks, mosquito nets, duct tape, shovels, machetes, etc…2. Personal Items: money for magic hat, variety of clothing options, swimming suits, surfboards, towels, hats, sunglasses, toothbrush, sunscreen, picnic mats, umbrellas, raincoats, bio-degradable soap and detergent, insect repellent, vitamins, medications, first aid supplies, emergency food, whatever you love to share, such as your favorite books, recipes, songbooks, acoustic musical instruments, (fire) poi, kites & toys…3. Materials and tools for making signs, handicrafts and art projects, such as coloring pens, paints, notebooks, sketch books, sewing kits, scissors and etc. Other items for trade/exchange or give away, preferably homemade or handmade. ~Welcome Home ~ We Love You ~

Parking is mostly on the road please pay attention to any for any forest service signs related to parking.
Best place to get to if your busing, training, or flying is Albany, NY. We will be near Danby which is just off route seven about 75 miles north east of Albany, NY.

There is a bus which leaves the Albany, NY airport 7 days a week at 2:30 pm which travels up rte seven. The closest town where there is a stop is Manchester VT — about 15 miles away from Danby. The price is $12.00 each way. For more info, contact

The nearest commercial airport is actually in Rutland, VT but it is really expensive to fly into that airport and the plane is a little puddle jumper

There is also a Yankee bus service which goes three times daily between Bennington, VT and downtown Albany. Bennington is about 40 miles south of Danby. The fare is $4. One would still have to get transportation from the airport to downtown Albany, NY. There is city bus service to and from the airport.
Hope this information is helpful in getting family home..??


More info announced :
Ontario Regional Rainbow Gathering 2016
Rainbow Tribe of Living Light! We are happy to announce that the Ontario Rainbow Gathering vision council has reached consensus to gather for World Peace. We welcome you in Nipissing, Ontario July 4 to Aug 2 (New Moon to New Moon), the gathering will be peaking around the Full Moon July 19. This years love-filled gathering is canoe access only. We have some communal canoes already donated, more needed plus life jackets of all sizes! Family Ferry Fairies will be in action to assist! Parking and boat launch at Piebird Vegan Farmstay:,-79.5241158,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0000000000000000:0xac21a655b9698007!8m2!3d46.0990667!4d-79.5214221
Calling all helpful hands for seed camp starting now!
Seed camp contact: 705 724-1144 (daylight hours only please)

 Details Rainbow Family of Canada have had a consensus to have a gathering to peak full moon July 18th (from new moon-new moon)

Seed camp will start after Solstice Om fest. Loving you family here is our new Rainbow site [ ] It has a magic hat donation link so please donate $ for supplies


Great Lakes Rainbow Family “Spring Council” on the Land and 4/20 regional Earth Day gathering !

4/20 EARTH DAY GATHERING hosted by South Bend Kids Kitchen 

Announcement: Update ! 4/20 Earthday gathering will from April 15 thru the 24th. Hope to see all of you there! ♡WE LOVE YOU! South bend kidz kitchen had a council last week ! Scout/Seed camp will be in the woods by this weekend. We will be in one of 3 sites all located near Muskegon and Rothbury.

exact location : This just in, pls share with other great lakes family-directions from scouting for michigan gathering in Nordhouse dunes wilderness apr 15-24, with S Bend kidz: “14 mile rd west off 37 follow 14 mile till it dead ends look right 2 track follow markings to welcome home ”

Further info may be found on the Turtle Soup kitchen and/or Great Lakes Rainbow Family group page. Any food donations & supplies (including water) only manifest a gathering with more healthy energy.

INfo from many previous years events:

Please bring your own tent/basic camping supplies, we will have a community kitchen, bliss pit, & shitter. We work together to set up and maintain the kitchen & peace. Donate what you can in terms of food, energy, labor, smiles, hugs, help, etc. No one is every turned away from Rainbow, this is a come as you are, do what you can, temporary wooded community. Blessings. Lovin’ You. (Alcohol is discouraged & asked to be kept at front gate.) Bring lots of water! Hope to see lots of smiling faces in the woods. Site will be posted asap, we will be scouting !



Howdy Folks !

Our Great Lakes Rainbow Family has reached a consensus for our annual “Spring Council” again this year to be held on the Land near Perry, MI.

The dates are May 13th thru 15th at Dave & Nina’s located at:  4993 West Britton Rd Perry Michigan 48872


Map to the site

For those new to Rainbow, Spring Council is much like any other gathering with plenty of food, fun, music, old and new friends around the campfire, though at some time(s) during the weekend we’ll pass the feather in a circle to decide plans for the kitchen and trailer(s) for the coming year. Family Consensus is that the big annual Rainbow Gathering will be relatively nearby to Great Lakes Region in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine, and Great Lakes Family needs to be ready. All are welcome in council, even first time gatherers. Plenty of informal discussions and also heartsong circles are likely as well. We are hoping to pass the magic hat this year to raise funds for our kind ride share of the Turtle Trailer to the gathering some time this June until possibly mid-July this year ! Vision council for manifesting consensus on the Land may happen from Friday thru Sunday this May.

This land is a sacred space so please honor this energy. The gathering ends on Sunday, so please respect the land and our hosts and don’t linger after that.

Bring food to share, though there is well water available on site. If you are staying overnight bring a tent, bedroll, plenty of blankets, and be especially well prepared for cold and snow/rain, after all it is Michigan.

A HO ! 1.2.3. .  .  .  .  WE LOVE YOU ! ! !

Let’s have a Great rainbow gathering this year ! Thank You to all of you who came out to support our Turtle Soup kitchen in 2015 , we manifested one of the largest rainbow gatherings in Michigan in over a decade last summer near Sleeping Bear ! A beautiful event to remember & may we all in the spirit of love & peace as brothers and sisters of living light continue to co-create these memories and healing on this One Planet (Gaia) Earth Mother.  Namaste.


Great Lakes (Turtle Island) Rainbow “Love-In” at the Universal Intentional Organization

Greetings Earthlings from the U.I.O. ,


the Universal Intentional Organization is again hosting for the third year in a row a non-profit rainbow event called the Great Lakes Rainbow “Love-In” near Fireweed Universe City on February 12th, 13th and 14th

Good news after many hours & days of clean-up and volunteer help restoring the Great Lakes rainbow school bus this past summer at the Peace Farm . . . the Jupiter III has landed !

Our location: 1 E Montana St.  Highland Park, MI  48203

we are near (about 5 blocks south) of Fireweed Universe City and (two blocks east of Woodward Ave) Dr. Bob’s Psychedelic Healing Shack . There will be lots going on !

entrance gate is across from the Baptist Church near our school bus on Montana St. ♥ Love In You ! ♥

please bring firewood, your bliss, heartsongs & any vegetarian/organic healthy food donations are welcome . . . please bring your drums & musical instruments & spoken word poetry is also welcomed (and encouraged).

Alcohol free event. Tobacco use outside only. Namaste

We therefore, humbly invite all the Earth tribes from ALL of the directions, all the nations, all the peoples, and all our star seed relations, to come together in peace, to revive the vision for the future of this planet and the generations to come hereafter ~ A ho !

Rainbow raps apply to this event . . . also bring bed rolls & sleeping bags for comfort (hammocks and cots are most welcome). Welcome to bring art supplies, literature to help us host workshops. Help focalize info. & volunteers are welcome to help the kitchen . . . we now have 10 rooms upstairs that have been restored as intentional living space by our U.I.O. residents. We now have hot water (a shower) & electricity including a furnace (on two levels) that provides warmth. Our kitchen has now grown into a bakery cooperative , we have pots & pans but extra kitchen supplies always help. Fire poi spinning allowed in designated area (we now have a fire spinning theater in the basement) . . . thank you.

directions from North: I-75 south . . exit 58 (7 mile) go west 5 blocks take left on John R go 11 blocks south (past Goldengate) take left on Montana St. park next to Baptist Church entrance near Jupiter III school bus.

please see google maps . . . we are now listed as the “Universe Building” community center for more specific directions .   Welcome Home !,+1+E+Montana+St,+Detroit,+MI+48203/@42.4241158,-83.1017339,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8824ce75222afed5:0x160920132ac36740?hl=en

Gratitude & Thanks:

Joosh Barclay (Great Lakes hipstory)

Scotty Alf (rainbow family donations, transportation & repair the bus)

Jiminy Turtle & Leaf (Joel) (cooperative focalizing UIO electricity)

Matt Bertoni (saving the bus in Ann Arbor)

Dr. Bob (drum circle & healing)

Howl (UIO logo and animal rescue)

Jimmy & Chip at the Peace Farm (for allowing us space to park the bus) !

Many thanks, Irie . . . including all the residents at the U.I.O. keeping the grassroots movement going in Detroit.

Peace & Love !

the U.I.O.

Great Lakes (Turtle Island) Rainbow “Love-In” near Fireweed Universe City !

We will be hosting our annual “Love-In” for the Great Lakes Rainbow Family this Feb. 11th thru 15th, 2015 !

Location for the event will be at the Universe Building near Fireweed Universe City located near interstate 75 on the corner of John R and the address 1 E. Montana St. in Detroit, MI  48203 . . . please see google maps for more directions.


A rainbow & lucky horseshoe painted (and an vintage sign that reads capitol drugs on the front of building). Entrance is thru a gated archway on Montana St. across from the Baptist Church parking lot) . Parking is available in our parking lot behind the building & parking along the street is a welcome.

On Feb 11th at around 8 p.m. there will be a drum circle and campfire at Dr. Bob’s Innate Healing Center & Goldengate Cafe’ located nearby just south of 7 mile at 18700 Woodward Ave.  Detroit, MI  48203 . . . please bring your drums & musical instruments & spoken word poetry is also welcomed (and encouraged) !

The official dates of the Great Lakes Rainbow “Love-In” are Feb 13th, 14th and 15th . . . please bring some food supplies, blankets, heartsongs & prayers . . . we will be hosting a open-mic for this fund raiser to benefit the annual gathering of peace & healing this summer. We welcome any spare firewood you may be able to donate. Bring your bliss, bed rolls & sleeping bags for comfort (hammocks and cots are most welcome). Please bring art supplies and materials, books or literature to help us host workshops. Help focalize info. & volunteers are welcome to help the kitchen . . . you are welcome to stay at one of our many intentional community houses at Fireweed Universe City and are of course welcome to stay at the venue also has plenty of space. We now have hot water & electricity including a furnace that provides warmth. Our kitchen could really use a extra burner that hooks to a propane , we have pots & pans but extra kitchen supplies will be greatly appreciated. There will be a campfire outside in the cafe’ outside for those who smoke tobacco. Thanks !    Welcome Home

We will be hosting a the Gathering (dance party) on Thursday, Feb 12th to help us fund raise for our rainbow events. Rainbow raps apply to this event so no alcohol inside the building. We have a stage open for everyone who wants to help fund raise with us. The is space to camp in the building and parking is available in a our own fenced in lot if necessary. Please feel free to park on Montana St. or across from Dr. Bob’s Innate Healing Center & Goldengate Cafe’.


Love In You !