Great Lakes Zoom Harvest Counsel Sept. 11, 2020 8pm

We, calling ourselves the Rainbow Family of Living Light, respectfully and cordially invite all family to participate in 2020 regional Harvest Counsels throughout North America, in person on the land, be it public or private; and by way of other means that make use of technology such as telephone and video conference calls, as we recognize that there is a global pandemic, which limits family participation in counsel processes solely held in person. Each regional Harvest Counsel is scheduled individually by local family.  In the Great Lakes there may be more than one harvest or fall counsel/council.  Those meeting in person are strongly encouraged to wear masks and to maintain social distancing to encourage a safe counseling process for all involved.

This invitation is for a Great Lakes Rainbow Zoom Harvest Counsel, on Friday September 11, 2020 at 8 pm EST.

All beings are welcome.

Great Lakes Harvest Counsel!

1 301 715 8592

Meeting ID: 835 8637 8630
Passcode: 420420



Ohio Fall Colors Picnic and Campout, Fostoria OH, Oct 12, 2019

Howdy Folks!

Ohio Rainbow Family has invited all beings to attend the Fall Colors Picnic and Campout.

Please join us to enjoy the beauty of nature and peaceful healing community. Picnic is Saturday, Oct. 12 at hippie noon at Van Buren State Park, 2259 Township Road 218, Van Buren, Ohio 45889. Bring a dish to pass, and canoes and kayaks. Park in the lot at (which is 41.132917, -83.632889) and family will be in the nearby picnic shelter, or if that is too crowded the family might migrate to the group camp at (which is 41.131527, -83.634058) , a short walk away from parking. If you would like to camp out on Friday and/or Saturday there is primitive camping (no electricity nor water can be guaranteed) at the Farm: 1273 Twp Rd 47 ( near Dillon Rd-also called W Township Rd 116). Call Ohio Rainbow Family Lightline for “Help Me I’m Lost” information at (For-won-nine) Six-won-too, five-won-ate-seven. Lovin You!

No Organized Activity In The Arb, July 20, 2019

Ignore all rumors of cancellation, and all rumors of organization! As university policy expressly forbids any organized activities in the Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, we here again sternly warn that there will not be any organized activity in this most magical arboretum in the late afternoon on the only Saturday of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs.

If, though, you find yourself in Ann Arbor, MI on July 20, 2019  (Saturday of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs) and to escape the crowds, you decide to wander in the main meadow of the Arb late in the afternoon, picnic basket in hand, and you happen upon some happy hippies in heartsong, friendly family fostering free food, frisbees, frolicking, and fun…you can rest assured that it is not your fault! Click here for parking near Arb or here for path to no organized activity. You can park in the arb lot, or if full, you can park free in the neighborhood south of the Arb.

Map: How to walk to no organized activity in the arb

Family Reunion/Rideshare Picnic, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, June 15, 2019

Family Reunion & Rideshare Picnic, Sat. June 15, 2019, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, MI

Welcome Home Family! Come join us in Ann Arbor for fun, celebration, sharing, and finding rides to the big annual gathering which this year is happening in the Great Lakes bioregion!  Start the summer on a positive note of community with your Lovin Rainbow fam. Bring a dish to pass, donations to the magic hat if you are able, and all good things.  Sometimes folks arrive at hippie noon, sometimes at 4:20, sometimes later.  Trust your instincts as to when to arrive, you are exactly on time. See map below for location.

Lots to discuss and plan: the Great Lakes May counsel reached consensus – Turtles’ Soup Kitchen is attending the Annual Rainbow Gathering in MN or WI July 1-7  (location to be announced soon) and seed campers are already en route to the north woods! We’ll be finding rides to get HOME to join them, and possibly making plans to gather locally for those who can’t make it across or around the lake to Minne-Wisco.

Directions: See the map below to get to Gallup. Drive the main park road, over the one lane bridge, southeast, all the way to the back of the park. Look for rainbow light beings near the big tree in the middle of the field, or sometimes by the river,  celebrating, playing music, frolicking, and circling in peace, healing and freedom.

IGNORE ALL RUMORS OF CANCELLATION, regardless of weather.  Family will be on the land rain or shine!  No alcohol please.  Click map below to get directions, and don’t forget to spread the word! WE LOVE YOU!

View Gallup Park Family Reunion Picnic in a larger map

Help Get Turtle Soup To the Annual Rainbow Gathering in MN/WI

Greetings Family!

Please help us get Turtle Soup Kitchen to the Annual gathering in The North Woods by donating to our Go-Fund-Me fundraiser!

The kitchen trailer might be leaving for the gathering as early as June 1, so please donate early so we can get the funds to the kind family setting up the Turtle’s seed camp.

We need your help more than ever! This year we have to provide water pumping and filtration for our kitchen with solar power since there are no high altitude springs in the north country. It will take $500 of gasoline just to get the kitchen into the woods just to get started, and as always, we also need to purchase vegan food, filters, hoses, water tanks and other items needed to keep the gathering and our kitchen healthy.

Every little bit helps! Even $5! Thank you for donating today.

Here is video of some work done so far on early pump and filter system prototyping:

Please donate to our Go-Fund-Me fundraiser. Alternately,  you can also send money through Paypal to “”. Please share on social media if you can’t kick down other resources at this time. We Love You!