Great Lakes Rainbow 2017 Events

As determined by consensus at Fall Counsel, though actual manifestation depends on YOU gathering on the land!

  • Feb 10-12 Love-In check Turtle Soup Kitchen Facebook Page for rumors
  • SB Kidz Earth Day 4/20-5/1, TBD
  • Spring Counsel-May 5-7 @ten acre woods, Perry, MI
  • Gallup Park Family Reunion Picnic, Sat June 17, Ann Arbor MI.
  • North American Annual Gathering July 1-7, Oregon. (May be MI regional depending on consensus @Gallup Park)
  • No Organized Activity in the Arboretum, Saturday July 22, Ann Arbor, MI
  • SB Kidz Equinox Sept 21-31, TBD
  • Great Lakes Fall Counsel Oct 6-8, @ten acre woods, Perry, MI

Spring Council Notes, April 26-28 2013

Turtle  Soup Spring Council notes 2013 abbridged
Perry MI 4-26-13 to 4-28-13
Council notes from Saturday 4-27-13
Attendees 20
Circle Opened with introduction/heartsong
There was no feather present so it was moved to use a stick, it was concensed so, the circle commenced.

Topics for Agenda:
Who is going where?
Fall Regional
Water filters
Yard Sale
Going to Montana or local on the 4th?
Trailer tires and other maintenance
What’s in the bank?
Fun Raisers at Miko’s
Offer of Miko’s for Gallup After Party on 6-15-13
Option for 4th street for Gallup after party
Arrange for ride share at Gallup
Turtle Jr trailer
What does the Trailer need?
Fall council- when and where?
Cart- the Billy cart or new cart?

Council Notes:
it was moved to stop passing the stick and switch to open discussion about topics raised in circle.
It was determined that there was at least $361.00 in the bank at present from recent fundraising efforts
After much discussion and debate, the following consenses were reached:
The kitchen will use the money in the bank to fix the trailer, get new tires, and repack bearings if needed. Dave D has volunteered to get 1 estimate on the repairs (thank you Dave) and as long as the cost is low he will proceed with a local vendor, if the cost is high, a second estimate will be obtained and then work will proceed with best available vendor.
The kitchen will spend up to $150.00 for water filters for the 2013 season.If there is enough in the bank after other pre departure expenses the kitchen will purchase a Deer cart to replace Billy’s cart.
There will be 2 Yard Sale fundraisers, the weekends of June 1st and 8th hosted by Tommy.
These will be announced online, in person and at Miko’s weekly fun raisers
Thank you Miko for hosting weekly Funraisers for turtles, 6 more before the 4th.
The June 15th Gallup Picnic after party will be at Miko’s as offered, however, no overnights
Continuing Fun Raisers every Wed at Miko’s
The After Arb picnic and trailer clean up party will be held at Helen’s Pool of Wonders in Ypsi, July 20th/21st

There were 13 family members present for council on Sunday.
One family member got her rainbow name!  Welcome Sister Dorie! (formerly Grandma five times)
We were able to completely empty our host’s garage of all the Turtle junk that had been rejected from the kitchen trailer.   We did triage of all the junk, and put aside everything that was usable for the Turtle Jr. Trailer.   Of what was left after that, we recycled what could be, and threw out a very small amount of materials that were not recyclable.  The amount of equipment that had to be landfilled was limited to less than one full garbage bag!  Yay!

All the useable equipment was put in the Turtle Jr. Trailer, which our host agreed to keep on his land.  Our host also agreed to get the trailer tires and wheel bearings fixed/replaced, and will get reimbursed later with the money allocated by council.

Included with these notes are the inventory of the Turtle Trailer (taken in August 2012) and inventory of Turtle Jr. Trailer (taken Sunday 4/28/13).
Inventory available on request.

Turtle Soup Council Notes Spring 2012 Green Eagle Farm

Present: Betsi, Jen, Jim, Lilly, Fia, Will, Arie, Jen, Greg, Grace, Digmoor, Mary, Colleen, Iam, Jaden, Casey, Joel, Steve, Krissy (If you are on the list and did not want listed , sorry. If you are not on the list and wanted listed, sorry)

Consensus: Turtle Soups Long Standing Consensus still stands

Safety First

Council agrees to post notes in edited form Continue reading Turtle Soup Council Notes Spring 2012 Green Eagle Farm