Great Lakes Rainbow 2017 Events

As determined by consensus at Fall Counsel, though actual manifestation depends on YOU gathering on the land! Feb 10-12 Love-In check Turtle Soup Kitchen Facebook Page for rumors SB Kidz Earth Day 4/20-5/1, TBD Spring Counsel-May 5-7 @ten acre woods, Perry, MI Gallup Park Family Reunion Picnic, Sat June 17, Ann Arbor MI. North American Annual Gathering July 1-7, Oregon. (May be MI regional depending on consensus @Gallup Park) No Organized Activity in the Arboretum, Saturday July 22, Ann Arbor, MI […]

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Spring Council Notes, April 26-28 2013

Turtle  Soup Spring Council notes 2013 abbridged Perry MI 4-26-13 to 4-28-13 Council notes from Saturday 4-27-13 Attendees 20 Circle Opened with introduction/heartsong There was no feather present so it was moved to use a stick, it was concensed so, the circle commenced. Topics for Agenda: Who is going where? Fall Regional Tarps Water filters Yard Sale Going to Montana or local on the 4th? Trailer tires and other maintenance What’s in the bank? Fun Raisers at Miko’s Offer of […]

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Turtle Soup Council Notes Spring 2012 Green Eagle Farm

Present: Betsi, Jen, Jim, Lilly, Fia, Will, Arie, Jen, Greg, Grace, Digmoor, Mary, Colleen, Iam, Jaden, Casey, Joel, Steve, Krissy (If you are on the list and did not want listed , sorry. If you are not on the list and wanted listed, sorry) Consensus: Turtle Soups Long Standing Consensus still stands Safety First Council agrees to post notes in edited form

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