Tattoo Sue’s – Thanksgiving Council 2001 Notes

The following is the notes I took for both Friday and Saturday’s council meetings. I will paraphrase as best as possible. Please note that nothing is quoted, with the exception of one statement that Ann Mele had made. Please also note that this is OUT of context, as most heart songs are NOT included from EITHER Council Meeting. Also, I will refrain from putting in here most of the Heart songs, unless it had a specific question raised in regards to our council with Ann and Carolyn. I will also add consensus if one was made, and result of such after the agenda item, again for saving space and time, knowing that others have as well, been keeping notes! Continue reading Tattoo Sue’s – Thanksgiving Council 2001 Notes

Autumn Regional Council 2001 – Notes

November 2-4, 2001 – Jahlai Country Home, Montague, Michigan

Notes compiled by Gonzo. These are my own observations, and do not represent any form of official documentation. They were perused and augmented by some other attendees.

In attendance during some or all of the weekend:

Karmapapapa, Racchimuskillingum Michitonquia, Nana, Medicine Crow, Bob, Gonzo, Leanna, Matt, Steve, KTPupp, Rob, Doug, Leaf, Ocean Song, Brother Bill, Dan D, Mary Morningsong, Psychedelic Jack, Robin, Steve, Sarah, Bear, Su, John, Chuck, Meg, Betsi, Terry, Dawn, Devon, Kimberly, Will, Brian, Diane, Bob, Wendy, Bob, Owen, Sunfire, Joshua, Austin, Jack, Benjamin, Elijah, Spot, Gumby, The Jahlai Llama Continue reading Autumn Regional Council 2001 – Notes

Michigan Spring Council 2001 – Notes

May 5 & 6, 2001 – Saranac, Michigan

These notes prepared by Gonzo…they are my own reflections on the council; only the consensus items were council decisions.

In attendance for some period of time during the weekend:

Betsi, Terry, Joshua, Gonzo, Sean, Racchimuskillingum, Alyssa, August, Sheriff Eric, Ray, Jill, John, Corinna, Jerry, Richard, Michael, Nana, Austin, Robin, Sarah, Bear, Kim, Will, John, Todd, Doug, DragonJon, Terri, Rhiannon, Sage, Anna, Stacy, Sprite, Pacific, Sunshine, Diane, Anna Flora, Beth, Autumm, Su, His Silliness The Jahlai Llama, Nicole, Sarah, Josh, Steve, Pete, Amy, Chuck, Daniel, Amber, Roy, Pat, Peckerhead Stew

It was wonderful to have so many young children injecting so much energy into the weekend. I count 9 kids who I’m sure were under 5 years old, plus 3 other older kids (plus the rest of us really old kids, of course). Continue reading Michigan Spring Council 2001 – Notes