Autumn Regional Clownshow 2007 Notes

November 3 – 5, 2007 – Nahnah’s Garden and Cat Ranch – Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Notes scribed by Gonzo. Note that these are Gonzo’s notes, not an “official” and complete record of the Clownshow. Hopefully the important topics are summarized effectively.

In attendance at the location at some time:

Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Austin, Gonzo, Betsi, Terry, Dave, Jim, Jen, Doug, Lydia, Derek, Heidi, Grace, Ua, Sarah, Elijah, Forest, Will, Becky, Chip, Rick, Daniel, Auryn, Joosh, James, Alicia, Lucy, Johnny, Chris. Also the four-legged Rainbows Barley, Fuzzy, Spooky, Speck, Bagira, Ezzy, Amber. Also (invoked in spirit) Perry

Agenda items:

Summer Regional. Condor phoned Jen prior to Clownshow, suggested Pigeon River Country. Upper Peninsula also has a lot of support.

How to get the kitchen to Wyoming? There are no volunteers at this Clownshow to haul the trailer. There is talk of taking a subset of the massive amount of kitchen gear in individual vehicles. There will be continued call for a trailer-hauler and accompanying kitchen crew.

Discussion of one big Gathering vs. several smaller more regional Gatherings.


Comment: Big Gatherings, little Gatherings, medium Gatherings, all of the above are good. Proposal for one big truly National Gathering that is composed of many simultaneous comings-together in multiple sites. Statement that one large Annual Gathering increases our chances to gather with folks we have no other opportunity to gather with. Statement that advantages of several simultaneous Gatherings are that it is more difficult for the Government to mount an organized offensive, the carbon footprint required for folks to attend is greatly reduced, and more folks in aggregate number are able to come together in the same temporal, though not physical, space. Also, there is a desire of many to have smaller, more intimate Gatherings with greater focus on workshops and community-building. Much more discussion, and heartsong, remembrance of Gatherings past, reflection on how Gatherings present have changed dramatically through the years. Discussion of Turtle Soup having grown to the point that it doesn’t all fit in the big trailer, and the possibility of dividing the equipment so a big kitchen can go to Wyoming and a small kitchen can cook for a complementary gathering in the Great Lakes.

Question: Is there energy among enough folks to pull together a regional gathering of the tribes over the July 4 week, as a complement to the Annual Gathering for folks who haven’t the time and energy to go to Wyoming?

Concern expressed that making any statement regarding a complementary small Great Lakes Gathering is a strong statement that will have great impact, and thus we need to be careful regarding making such a decision or announcement. It is important not to divert energy from the gargantuan task of getting a large kitchen to the Annual

Proposal for a council for further discussion of the potential of and specifics for the above-mentioned gathering of the tribes. Decision made to hold said council January 19 & 20 in Saranac.

Consensus call: Each individual is free to gather as he or she chooses. Consensus reached.

Question posed: By identifying ourselves as Rainbows, are we increasing our odds of an ugly death? It is speculated that on the contrary, we are assuring ourselves of a beautiful, glorious, loving life with our sisters and brothers.

Time out to revel in superficiality. And cake.

Consensus call: Marijuana is still legal. Inadvertently sleep-blocked
by Karmapapapa in California, paradoxically while still awake.

Sarah announced that Kelly in Rothbury has offered her property for a Winter Regional. Added to the calendar on the traditional Valentine’s Day weekend.

2008 Calendar (consensed):

  • February 14 – 17 – Rothbury – Valentine Regional Love-In Camp-Out
  • May 2 – 4 (tentative) – Michigan Spring Kownsayl, sites discussed but not yet decided, still open to site offerings
  • June 14 – Gallup Park, Ann Arbor – Family Reunion Picnic
  • July 19 – Ann Arbor – Nonpicnic in the Arb
  • October 11 – Fall Colors Picnic
  • November 7 – 9 – Eaton Rapids – Midwest Autumn Clownshow

Neither consensed nor opposed by general Clownshow, but agreed on by the subgroup of folks interested in the topic:

  • January 19 & 20 – Saranac – Council to discuss a July 4 week Great Lakes complementary gathering of the tribes.