Autumn Regional Council 2003 Notes

In attendance at some point: Karmapapapa, Alice, Gonzo, Racchimuskillingum, Medicine Crow, Nana, Betsi, Chameleon Dave, Martha, Sean, Jen, Sean, Abra, Joshua, Austin, Rob, Kate, Kayleigh, Surreal Cyrpeal, DragonJon, Sü, Ben, Digmoor, John, Greg, Nate, Shayne, Robin, A SilverSpirit (in spirit), The Man in the Moon on Drugs (Saturday 7:00 – 9:00 PM only), His Silliness The Jahlai Llama.

Discussions and activities:

The 2003 Rainbow Guides have (finally!!!) been prepped for mailing to individuals (thanks for a lot of work, folks!), and Karmapapapa will take them to the post office tomorrow. Focalizers desiring small bundles need to send money for shipping to Box 3433, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3433…we are still in the hole over $200 (thanks for another $85 from the hat this weekend, though!…we’re getting closer to even!), and can’t afford to put more money into the project right now.

Valentine Love-In Camp-Out – would be February 12 – 15. Discussion of whether to have it, and if so, where. Possibilities: Pine River site, Nordhouse Dunes outside the wilderness, Medicine Crow’s back yard, Sü’s site just east of Rothbury, Key West, Cass Corridor. No decision made, further scouting recommended.

Discussion of creating a community tipi or yurt, one or more. Semi-permanent mobile shelters, both for Rainbow and as a hedge against a major societal breakdown. Bamboo from Georgia. Tipi is lighter and more mobile than a yurt, and erection is faster. Sü has offered to donate a tipi.

Warm-weather Regional Gathering. When and where. Proposal for mid to late spring. Proposal for July 4 week. Proposal for both spring and fall. Proposal for Autumn Equinox. Suggested site for July 4 week: state forest at tip of Keweenaw Peninsula. July 4 discussion tabled until spring, when we know what counsel is offered by councils in other regions. Weekend of May 21 – 25 seems to have gathered the most energy. Consensus for May 21 – 25. Site will be decided later. July 4 still on the table for later discussion.

Discussion of possibility of purchasing the Jupiter III schoolbus or Sü’s bus to transport kitchen/tipis/yurts. Could be kept at Nana’s Garden. Need to discuss with Joosh or Sü possibility of acquiring bus. Who would hold title? Other issues are repairs and insurance. Nana’s Garden is within a mile of a schoolbus repair facility.

Consensuses this weekend (who says councils aren’t fun?):

  • Marijuana is still legal.
  • We support renewable energy. Windmills, windmills, windmills.
  • We declare universal peace as our official subjective reality.



  • December 31 – January 1: 9th Annual Jerry Garcia/Timothy Leary Memorial Fun Tournament – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • May 7 – 9: Michigan Spring Council – Saranac, Michigan
  • May 21 – 25: Michigan Regional Gathering, northern Michigan, site TBD
  • June 12: Gallup Park Picnic – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • July 24: Arb Nonpicnic – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Sometime in the Summer: TieDye Party – Saranac, Michigan
  • October 9: Fall Colors Picnic – Columbia Creek Park, Ingham County, Michigan
  • November 5 – 7: Midwest Autumn Council, Montague, Michigan
  • The Annual Gathering 2004 will be in Malcolm Jowers’ back yard in North Carolina.
  • Malcolm Jowers is relieved of his duties in order to devote his time to preparing his property for the Annual Gathering. Digmoor is appointed head of the Forest Service Incident Command Team, under the moral support of the Director of Welcome Homeland Security.
  • We announce a come-when-you-can summer-to-spring-to-fall Regional Gathering, anywhere in the Great Lakes watershed. Digmoor is assigned to focalize Welcome Home Kitchen.
  • We will attempt to acquire NCC 1701 from Starfleet Command to transport Turtle Soup Kitchen. Digmoor assigned to negotiate with Admiral Kirk.