Autumn Regional Kownsayl 2004 Notes

November 5 – 7, 2004 – Jahlai Country Home, Montague, Michigan

In attendance at some point:

Karmapapapa, Alice, Gonzo, Racchimuskillingum, Medicine Crow, Nahnah, Betsi, Terry, Chameleon Dave, Colleen, Jen, Greg, Abra, Austin, SŸ, Kala, Digmoor, Lydia, Derek, Heidi, Grace, Joshua, Mickey, Erin, Peggy Soup, Freeman, Whiskey, Tom from Assyria, Kimon, Diane, Anna Flora, Jackie, Mike, Jasper’s Cub Scout troop leader and son, Patricia, Luna, His Silliness The Jahlai Llama.

Notes scribed by Gonzo.
Discussions and activities:

Calendar for 2005:

  • February 11 – 14: Valentine Regional Love-In Camp-Out, Rothbury, Michigan
  • May 6 – 8: Michigan Spring Council, Saranac, Michigan
  • June 18: Family Reunion Picnic, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • July 1 – 7: Turtle Soup Kitchen cookin’, Rainbow Family Gathering for Peace and Healing, Virginia(?). There is a call for a resurrected reincarnation of One Mitten Kitchen…what is the taste of one mitten cooking?
  • July 23: No Organized Activity in The Arb, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Sometime in Summer, TBD: Tie-Dye Party, Saranac, Michigan
  • October 8: Fall Colors Picnic, Columbia Creek Park, Ingham County, Michigan
  • November 4 – 6 (tentative): Midwest Autumn Council, Montague, Michigan

Kownsayl called to disorder by Medicine Crow in the tipi in the yard. Anyone who interferes with disorder will be taken outside and tickled, unless something else happens.

Hands were linked in a circle, quiet prayers were offered in thanks and invocation of the Creator and Spirit.


Proposal for Regional Gathering in Cascade Township, Michigan, adjacent to Meijer, to ensure ample parking, water, and supplies. Counterproposal for Wal-Mart parking lot on Alpine Ave. in Grand Rapids, due to Wal-Mart offering free camping.

There is a rumor of restless scouts. Scouting of new sites for Regional Gatherings is very much needed, to minimize the use of previously used sites. New sites are needed even more now that there are multiple regionals each year. Scouting is welcome from anyone, not just kownsayl attendees. Folks who have never scouted are encouraged to contact experienced scouts for guidance; they will find valuable knowledge in the counsel of the experienced scouts. Folks who have scouted who volunteer to be contacted are Digmoor (, Karmapapapa (, and Racchi (

We have talked about coalescing on the land or as a community. There is a desire for further such discussion. There is agreement that anyone feeling moved to do that should do that. There is a discussion of the concept of a traveling minstrel show, an interactive chautauqua medicine show to bring our good spiirit and humor to the people. In such a traveling community, folks would be invited to plug in and plug out as they feel called…go with the “tour” for a while, and come and go as called.

We are family, and relate to one another as family and collective. Our family spreads out all over Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. This kownsayl primarily consisted of southern Michigan; we love, honor and wish to reach out to the broader family and be sure they are included in the collective.

Discussion of passing the Magic Hat for scouting, and other costs such as transporting the kitchen to Regionals and the Annual.

At 2:52 P.M., kownsayl order was restored and everyone dispersed.


  • Calendar approved.
  • Official spelling of this congregation of free individuals will be Kownsayl, in resolution of the Great Rainbow Council/Counsel Controversy.
  • Gonzo reappointed High Holy Zuzu. Karmapapapa reappointed Director of Welcome Homeland Security. Racchi appointed The Poupe.
  • Bamboo.
  • There will be warm-weather regional(s), sometime in the spring, summer or fall of 2005, somewhere in Michigan.
  • Valentine Regional Love-In Camp-Out will be held in Manistee National Forest near Rothbury, with parking on SŸ’s property.
  • The United States of Canada—consisting of the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire—secedes from Shrubland. The United Stated of Canada will consist of two territories: The Southwest Territories and Nunathat. Musical Veggie Kitchen and all other Rainbows entombed in Shrubland are appointed ambassadors of the United States of Canada and are hereby authorized diplomatic immunity.
  • There will be a Regional Gathering in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Alpine Ave. in Grand Rapids, with the caveat that no money be spent at Wal-Mart, but rather at a local mom-and-pop store.
  • Wild Tofurky is the official bird of the United States of Canada.
  • Marijuana, also known as the Weed of Evil in Shrubland, is still legal in the United States of Canada.
  • We reaffirm universal peace as our official subjective reality.
  • We declare smokeless as our official tipi fire.
  • The Great Lakes Dumpster Redemption is authorized as a virtual yard sale, possibly via eBay.
  • The GLOW Skills and Services Exchange will be established as a new page on, as a practical community to share skills, services and resources.