Autumn Regional Kownsayl 2005 Notes

November 4 – 6, 2005 – Jahlai Country Home, Montague, Michigan

Midwest Autumn Kownsayl

(Karmapapapa informed us prior to the Kownsayl that he will be selling the Jahlai Country Home in the spring; thus, this will be the final Autumn Kownsayl at this location. Anyone seeking to purchase a peaceful love-filled home on 10 acres, speak up now!)

Notes scribed by Gonzo

In attendance: Karmapapapa, Medicine Crow, Nahnah, Austin, Betsi, Terry, DragonJon, Gonzo, Stephanie, Chameleon Dave, Paul, Colleen, Digmoor, Derek, Su, John, Speck, and The Jahlai Llama.

Consensus: We will not discuss he-who-shall-not-be-named at this kownsayl.

Consensus: Chocolate-covered chakra is our officially unofficial arbitrary medium of exchange.

Consensus: Marijuana is still legal.

Consensus: Turtle Soup shall henceforth be the bell-wether kitchen.

Consensus: There are moving things in there that can crush your fingers.

Recommendation by Consensus: Never run with nuclear weapons or wage war with scissors.



Consensus: Digmoor is relieved of his assignment to negotiate with Captain Kirk, and appointed Chief Chubby Checker Chocolate-Cherry-covered Chakra Chef Checker.

Consensus Calendar:

  • February 10 – 12: Valentine Regional Love-In Camp-Out, Manistee National Forest, east of Rothbury, Michigan
  • May 5 – 7: Michigan Spring Kownsayl, Saranac
  • May 26 – 29: Regional-ish Whatchamacallit, Paul & Colleen’s Hilltop, Hersey Twp., Michigan
  • June 17: Family Reunion Picnic, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor
  • July 1 – 7: Rainbow Family Gathering for Peace and Healing, Rhode Island (we like the idea of a Gathering on an island, although we would prefer a roadless island) *
  • July 22: No organized event at The Arb, Ann Arbor
  • August 27: Summer’s Twilight Picnic (tentative), east end of Belle Isle, Detroit
  • October 14: Fall Colors Picnic, location open to discussion
  • November 3 – 5: Midwest Autumn Kownsayl, Nahnah’s Garden and Cat Ranch, Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Discussion: Does anyone know where the Turtle Soup Magic Hat is, or whether there is any money in it? No one knows. We hope Bual has it.

How many people don’t understand humor? We don’t know. We hope Bual knows.

The recent Regional Gathering Energy People weren’t present at Kownsayl, so we barely discussed Regional Gatherings. They did a great job with the Fall Regional. We’ll be eager to hear what those great folks come up with this time.

We send our thanks and love to Raymond and Dena and Alice and Mommakaboom and all the folks who went to serve at the New Waveland Cafe, and to Betsi and Colleen and Paul, who will be thankfully giving their time and energy and love down there in a few weeks.

Consensus: We encourage Turtle Soup Kitchen to remain vegan, both at Gatherings and if used at other venues.

Consensus: We love everybody out there reading these notes. Seriously. We have a lot of laughs at these kownsayls, and trust these notes accurately convey that heartfelt ridiculousness, but please know we don’t take lightly our Rainbow connection and our struggle to learn to be human.

Consensus: We are so blessed by these many years of kownsayls at the Jahlai Country Home. It has not yet sunk in how much we will miss coming here the first weekend in November. However, we wish Karmapapapa and the Jahlai Llama joy in their new adventures, and are thankful that a wonderful new Kownsayl space will be welcoming us home next year. We hope y’all will come.

* This is a JOKE, folks. Don’t go to Rhode Island seeking the Gathering. We’ll see you in Colorado!