Autumn Regional Kownsayl 2006 Notes

November 3 – 5, 2006 – Nahnah’s Garden and Cat Ranch – Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Midwest Autumn Kownsayl

Notes scribed by Gonzo.

In attendance at some point: Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Gonzo, Betsi, Terry, Chameleon Dave, Joosh, Jen, Bual, Jim, Jen, Dave, Morningsong, Susan, Digmoor, Lydia, Chris, Ann, Steve, Derek, Heidi, Joshua, Forest, Grace, Zach, Katy, Kelsey, Danny, Austin, Lucy

Proposal: Spring Regional in Michigan, plus August regional either in Pennsylvania or in Michigan. Consensus: Spring Regional in the Hesperia region.

Discussion regarding posting the Regional Gathering site on the Web. Although there was no consensus call, my personal take on the discussion was that the sense of the kownsayl was to not post the site on the Web, but to return to the Old Ways: networking via flyer postings and phone trees and word of mouth (and snail mailings if by some miracle there is both volunteer energy and sufficient funding). Although there was hesitancy even about individual emails, the sense of the kownsayl seemed to be that individual email notices would be acceptable.

Long open-heart discussion regarding unwanted and unwarranted attention toward one person by another, and appropriate individual and communal response.

Consensus: When we gather with our brothers and sisters, we each will look out for one another and strive to make it a safe environment for all, while at the same time encouraging each person to be aware and take personal responsibility for her or his own safety, comfort and actions.

There was much discussion about folks’ reluctance to go to Texas for the annual if the selected site is in Texas, and what folks not going to Texas might do as an alternative.

There was discussion and a lot of enthusiasm for what some folks have heard is a preliminary exploratory proposal for a multi-state regional in August in Pennsylvania. A number of kownsailors are interested in taking Turtle Soup Kitchen to that regional if perchance it comes together.

Consensus call: Marijuana is still legal and safe. Consensus blocked with the comment that publishing encouragement to engage in illegal activities could bring us unwanted attention from the authorities.

Consensus on 2007 Calendar:

  • May 4 – 6, 2007: Spring Regional Clownshow, Saranac, Michigan
  • May 11 – 20: Michigan Regional Gathering, White River/Hesperia area, Michigan
  • June 16: Family Reunion Picnic, Gallup Park
  • July 21: No organized activity in the Arb
  • August 26: Summer’s End Picnic, Belle Isle, Michigan
  • October 13: Fall Colors Picnic and Kitchen Cleanup, Dave Darling’s place, northeast of Lansing, Michigan
  • November 2 – 4: Midwest Autumn Clownshow, Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Consensus: All spellings are the official spelling of this event.