Great Lakes Rainbow 2017 Events

As determined by consensus at Fall Counsel, though actual manifestation depends on YOU gathering on the land!

  • Feb 10-12 Love-In checkĀ Turtle Soup Kitchen Facebook Page for rumors
  • SB Kidz Earth Day 4/20-5/1, TBD
  • Spring Counsel-May 5-7 @ten acre woods, Perry, MI
  • Gallup Park Family Reunion Picnic, Sat June 17, Ann Arbor MI.
  • North American Annual Gathering July 1-7, Oregon. (May be MI regional depending on consensus @Gallup Park)
  • No Organized Activity in the Arboretum, Saturday July 22, Ann Arbor, MI
  • SB Kidz Equinox Sept 21-31, TBD
  • Great Lakes Fall Counsel Oct 6-8, @ten acre woods, Perry, MI

4 thoughts on “Great Lakes Rainbow 2017 Events”

  1. Hey, folks: I’d really like to join the Rainbow Coalition at some gatherings. I live in Mpls., MN. I’m not vehicular and need to find some transportation. Can anyone help me get there, and back, to any of the 2017 unplanned events?. I’ve the wherewithal to help defray any $ expenses.
    I sure would like to be surrounded by my people, for a little while. And I can help with stuff, to.

  2. My name is sapphire. I live in butler. Due to legal problems I haven’t been able to go to any gatherings. Sapphire and bud (Me and my friend)would love to go to a somewhat local gathering. Can you please send us info when it’s ready.. peace love and music…

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