Michigan Spring Council 2001 – Notes

May 5 & 6, 2001 – Saranac, Michigan

These notes prepared by Gonzo…they are my own reflections on the council; only the consensus items were council decisions.

In attendance for some period of time during the weekend:

Betsi, Terry, Joshua, Gonzo, Sean, Racchimuskillingum, Alyssa, August, Sheriff Eric, Ray, Jill, John, Corinna, Jerry, Richard, Michael, Nana, Austin, Robin, Sarah, Bear, Kim, Will, John, Todd, Doug, DragonJon, Terri, Rhiannon, Sage, Anna, Stacy, Sprite, Pacific, Sunshine, Diane, Anna Flora, Beth, Autumm, Su, His Silliness The Jahlai Llama, Nicole, Sarah, Josh, Steve, Pete, Amy, Chuck, Daniel, Amber, Roy, Pat, Peckerhead Stew

It was wonderful to have so many young children injecting so much energy into the weekend. I count 9 kids who I’m sure were under 5 years old, plus 3 other older kids (plus the rest of us really old kids, of course).


1. Michigan Rainbow will prepare and publish the 2001/2002 Rainbow Guide (we begin our leg of the journey following the National Gathering). We have some volunteers, but more are always welcome.

2. A Michigan Regional Gathering will happen October 12 – 16, 2001. Suggestions for sites include the Hesperia area (a different site from the ones previously used), or the Honawan Lake site in Huron National Forest that we have used for two previous regionals. (Scribe note: This is the same weekend on which the Lansing Fall Colors Picnic is scheduled…any discussion?)

3. There will be a Michigan Council Circle at the Rainbow Family Gathering of Peace and Healing, in Turtle Soup Kitchen, at Rainbow Noon on July 5.

4. Our contributions to the War Effort:

a. Marijuana is still legal.
b. Sheriff Eric is reappointed Drug B’Czar.


Many folks are looking forward to the Great Lakes Regional Gathering in Wisconsin the week ending on Labor Day, which was consensed at the Wisconsin Council the weekend prior to this council. Some curiosity was expressed as to the reason the Regional was scheduled to begin on a Monday rather than a Friday.

How to get Turtle Soup Kitchen to the Gathering? If I caught the discussion correctly, the most likely scenario has Kim and Will towing the trailer out West, but I didn’t catch the details.

Some mention was made of recent discussion on the Rainbowtribe Internet Forum of the potential for a National or World Gathering in Alaska. A number of folks like the idea.

One brother highly praised the www.greatlakesrainbow.org Web site (pats on the back for Leaf and Gonzo…)

Gonzo mentioned that folks can get themselves a greatlakesrainbow.org email address if they’d like one.

Big praises for the good food! Special thanks to Alyssa.

Big praises for the good weather! Special thanks to…

A wonderful, relaxing weekend!

Thanks and huge lovin’ hugs to Betsi and Terry and Joshua for the blissful hospitality.