Michigan Spring Council 2002 – Notes

Saranac, Michigan – May 3 – 5, 2002

Notes compiled by Gonzo

In attendance: Betsi, Terry, Joshua, Josh, Gonzo, Racchimuskillingum, Karmpapapapa, The Jahlai Lama, Sarah (who acquired the name Dragonfly at this council), Elijah, Bear, Sonfire, Renee, Russell, Steve, Su, John, Peckerhead Stew (proud papa).


(1) Michigan Regional Free Assembly of Individuals suggestion, first weekend in October, Thursday Oct. 3 – Monday Oct. 7, site TBD (possibly Pigeon River, but further scouting also desirable).

(2) Michigan (and Regional?) Council called for July 5, Turtle Soup Kitchen, Rainbow Family Gathering for Peace and Healing, Rainbow Noon.

(3) Marijuana is still legal.


Discussions and random notes:

Turtle Soup-style kitchen is planned for the Farmfest traditional music and arts festival near Johannesburg, Michigan, August 8 – 11. We need folks both to volunteer to help out and to make suggestions to help make this kitchen *GREAT*.

We would like to revive the One Mitten Kitchen for midnight snacks at the Gathering. Gonzo and Karmapapapa are very into doing the kitchen, but will not arrive at the Gathering until July 1…thus we need folks to get the infrastructure set up before that (and of course Kitchen Krew will be needed for foodwork, too). We also need ideas for Midnight Munchies…we have quesadillas, fritters, maybe pancakes/pan bread/pan cookies as ideas so far.

Racchi plans to buy another wok and French knives, since the Turtle Soup wok and French knives disappeared at/shortly after Thanksgiving Council. DragonJon says Turtle Soup’s custom water pump is nearly done. Racchi is looking for a doweling jig for cutting board repair. Betsi and Terry announced that the TieDye party will be moved from the traditional last weekend in July…stay tuned for the new dates.

Racchi will sell the extra trailer and put the money in the regional magic hat. Yard sale discussed. We are looking for someone to volunteer a yard, preferably in town. There are a good number of items already collected to sell.

Many Rainbow Guide entries were keyed. Thanks for the hard work, folks!

We would like to do an Annual Gathering Howdy Folks mailing to Michigan and environs if someone would like to design a Howdy Folks, and if we have the green energy.

‘Papapa appointed Director of Welcome Homeland Security by Gonzo, the High Holy Zuzu. The Director insists that since he is merely an advisor, he is not required to testify before Council.