Michigan Spring Council 2003 Notes

May 2 – 4, 2003 – Saranac, Michigan

Notes scribed by Gonzo.

In attendance at least part of the weekend: Betsi, Terry, Josh, Gonzo, Racchimuskillingum, Joosh, Amber, Zooey, Karmapapapa, Sarah, Renee, Jay, Jenny, Digmoor, Lydia, Sarah, Elijah, Sean, Abra, Bear, Harmony, Chameleon Dave, Shawn, Jen, Apple, Mark, Shelby, Su, Grace, Heidi, Derek, Joshua, Steve, Morningsong, Alice, John, Dan D, Maya, Dawn, Devin, Doug, Richard, The Honored Rainbow Trout, The Jahlai Llama

MICHIGAN REGIONAL GATHERING, May 30 – June 3. Consensus reached on Manistee National Forest by the Pine River. Need rope or fencing to block the steep drop from kitchen area to the river. There are springs at the site, though it will be a chore to tap the springs. DIRECTIONS: M-55 west from Cadillac to No. 13 Rd. (12.7 mi. from junction of M-115 and M-55 – look for sign for Hoxeyville Rd.). Turn left (south) on No. 13 Rd.; go 2 mi. to No. 48 Rd. Turn right (west), go .7 miles to 11 1/4 Mile Rd. Turn left (south), go exactly 2.2 miles. Turn right on dirt road where 11 1/4 mile road curves left for the second time. Go .4 miles to parking. Walk .5 miles down good 2-track to Regional site. Look for Mad Doser. It is approximately 3/4 miles to end of trail where Pine River and Poplar Creek meet…don’t go that far! Instead, approximately 1/4 mile down trail, turn left and walk approximately 1/4 mile to good kitchen site.

Turtle Soup needs: Rope, mixing bowls, jack for trailer. $300 – $350 in Turtle Soup Hat. Discussion about getting Turtle Soup Kitchen to Regional and to Annual Gathering. Joosh has part of kitchen that needs to be reunited with main kitchen; Digmoor will handle that task. Repacking session at Shelby’s in Lansing May 17. The kitchen ideally should be at Regional Thursday night to Tuesday morning. Betsi and Terry will haul trailer to Regional; someone is needed to haul it home. Someone also needed to haul it to and from the Great Basin Home.

Jupiter II schoolbus will be leaving for the Great Basin around June 22 – 23. Total cost about $4000 to be divided among all riders. Joosh is still seeking riders.

Rainbow Guide address data entry completed. FunRaiser to prepare Guide mailing if Guide is ready and to raise some green energy for bus journey: Evening of June 14, after the Gallup Park Family Reunion Picnic, at ICC on Hill Street in Ann Arbor. Joosh will haul Guides to Gathering on bus. Also for Guide, call the person who has volunteered for next year.

Consensus reached that marijuana is still legal.

Suggestion made that an artwork area be created on the Great Lakes Rainbow Tribal Tribute Web site.

TieDye party dates changed to mid-August (exact dates TBA).

Someone suggested acquiring a really large tipi, which would require Turtle Magic Hat contributions of $4000 or more. Other possibility is to talk to canvas company in Detroit about canvas, and Rainbow folks about getting some bamboo poles.