Michigan Spring Council 2004 Notes

May 7 – 9, 2004 – Saranac, Michigan

Informal notes scribed by Gonzo

In attendance at some time over the weekend:

Betsi, Terry, Josh, Gonzo, Karmapapapa, Alice, Racchimuskillingum, Chameleon Dave, Will, Sean, Steve, Digmoor, Lydia, Sarah, Sarah, Elijah, Tiana, Grace, Derek, Heidi, Joshua, Jen, Greg, Colleen, Paul, Robert, Buddy, i-Rick, Billy, Brother Bill, 3 guys camped with Harley the Bulldog, 2 guys and a gal camped by the kitchen, PT Spider, The Jahlai Llama


Anishinabe – Discussion of more connection between Rainbow and indigenous peoples. As Rainbows we should strive for brotherhood with Native tribes. Racchi says there is a receptive contact between us and the Anishinabe, who we should follow up with. Betsi notes that we should strive for positive communication with all sisters and brothers, not limited to specific groups.

Call for more spiritual focus. Circles before meals and councils and such, to invoke the Spirit to be with us and to enhance group focus.

We need someone to transport kitchen materials (not necessarily tow the trailer, since we will only need a subset of the kitchen equipment) to the Regional Gathering (see “Consensi” for details of Regional). In addition to the equipment at Council, we should try to bring: Shovels, saws, axes, wash station, a few more pots, spices, grate supports, water jugs, and blissware. If anyone reading this can transport some kitchenware, please post to GLOW or Turtle Crossing.

A proposal was made to suggest a future World Rainbow Gathering take place in Alaska (Kenai Peninsula specified by Billy Z).

We’d suggest that as folks travel the state, they stay alert for potential Regional Gathering sites, take a few extra minutes to do some preliminary scouting, and make note of them and post them to GLOW and the Turtle Crossing discussion board.

Racchi listed some items needed for Turtle Soup Kitchen: Water filter elements, spice assistant, knife holders (magnetic strips), small grate, legs for the grate, bow saws, cart.

Discussion of protecting the big shiny rock, and of the need to wake the sleeping.

What are the rules for State Game Areas? What would be the potential for Regionals?

We would like to do a snail-mailing at some point, to reach non-cyber-connected brothers and sisters. Donations, ideas, and offers of help are always welcome.

Buddy asked that this statement be included in the notes: Last year Buddy rode his bicycle across the country to go to the Rainbow Gathering in the Great Basin. He found a lot of people there. He doesn’t appreciate Vision Council declaring it wasn’t an “official” Rainbow Gathering and that therefore he rode all that way for nothing(?), and is therefore expected to do it again.


Racchi is commissioned to sell the extra trailer and use the money to buy filter elements and ten-strips…I mean…magnetic strips for the kitchen. $20 was donated to place an ad for the trailer. (Consensus by silence)

The Michigan Regional Gathering, May 21 – 25, will be in Huron National Forest at the next lake west of Honawan Lake (where we have gathered before), near the town of Glennie. Directions: Take US 23 north to M-65; take M-65 north to about 2 miles north of Glennie; turn left at the road to the Horseshoe Lake National Forest Campground; at the campground entrance, bear left on the road to the lake access site; go a mile or two, you’ll find an abandoned airstrip on the left; park on the airstrip, but DO NOT CAMP AT HONAWAN LAKE across the road, instead walk west on the road about a half mile to the next lake; Welcome Home!!! (Consensus by silence)

Turtle Soup Kitchen will go to the Ozarks Gathering of the Tribes, conditional on there being a Gathering of the Tribes in the Ozarks. We acknowledge that this consensus can be changed should there be a subsequent overriding kitchen council consensus. Note, however, the critically important problem that there are currently no volunteers to transport the kitchen anywhere. (Consensus by silence)

Marijuana is still legal. (Consensus by lack of focus)

Council adjourned (Consensus by lack of focus)