Michigan Spring Council 2008 Notes

Following are the notes as transcribed by Iam and interpreted by Terry and Betsi.

In attendance: bill-i, Jenny, Iam, Nick, Irie, Digmoor, Lydia Lovely, Charley, Justin, Terry, Betsi, Lee, Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Dave Darling, Gonzo, Brother Bill, Paul, Colleen, Bual, and Jen.

After a short-lived, yet spirited discussion of how this Council would be facilitated, Iam undertook the role of facilitator as well as scribe.

Topics suggested for discussion included:

  • Site for July 4
  • Kitchen needs
  • Missing wok
  • Getting trailer home from Council
  • Name for MI Regional on 4 July
  • Racchi—3 year period over
  • Kitchen…to Nationals and/or Michigan

Name for MI Regional on 4 July:

Since we will need a name to refer to in subsequent notes, here are the suggested names for the gathering in Michigan over July 4:

  • “A Gathering of the Tribes”
  • “Infidel Family Gathering of Rainbow Traitors”
  • “Great Lakes Family Circle”
  • “Great Lakes Rainbow Family Circle

After some discussion as to whether “Rainbow” should be in the name, “Great Lakes Rainbow Family Circle” was consensed upon late in the council.
It was observed that we are still all one no matter where we gather and that there is no space or time.


  • The large wok that gets used almost continuously when cooking is happening is missing from the kitchen equipment. If anyone knows what happened to it or where it is, please post on this site or contact a Turtle Souper.
  • There was discussion as to splitting up the kitchen and who takes what to which site. It was asserted by several people that there is not enough equipment to split up the kitchen.
  • There was discussion regarding whether to take the kitchen to Nationals or to the Great Lakes Rainbow Family Circle in Michigan.
  • After noting that previous councils had posted the need for an experienced crew to take the kitchen to Nationals…no one has stepped forward.
  • We reached consensus that Turtle Soup Kitchen would go to the Great Lakes Rainbow Family Circle.

Site selection:

Four sites were discussed; one near Rose City MI, one near Hesperia, MI, one in the Pigeon River area of Northern Michigan, and one near Paradise, MI.

Rose City–this site has a large area for parking, however the presence of a family of beavers and the likelihood of high ATV traffic over the 4th raised concerns.

Hesperia–this site is in a Manistee National Forest Primitive Area. It consists of mixed woods and meadows criss-crossed with 2 tracks and side trails–many of which are blocked off per its primitive area status. There is plenty of parking and a large area accessible only by foot. The White River runs through the site and offers great canoeing, but not so great swimming as the water is relatively shallow and cool.

Paradise–this site is up near Whitefish Point in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is quite remote from settled populations–and hence in travel time. The access is via fairly sandy roads (I can’t believe we didn’t get stuck) and offers no RV access (they did get stuck). It offers lovely views of an inland lake and has easy access to Lake Superior for swimming (not shallow but definitely cool). It was decided that this is a potential future gathering site that needs further scouting.

Pigeon River site–this site is near a lovely kettle lake and offers excellent swimming. It is in a very low population area and is likely to have the least visitor traffic over the fourth. The relative seclusion yet easy access of this site are somewhat offset by the very tight parking. It was felt that this site can only accommodate 20-40 vehicles in parking. However, it was stated that overflow parking along the main road would work.

We reached consensus to gather at the Pigeon River site over the 4th of July.



  • It was observed that the 3 year separation period for Racchi had expired and we should discuss how to respond should he petition to return.
  • Colleen indicated that she would never let him be around children in her presence.
  • Digmoor indicated that Racchi is currently acknowledging his problems, but has not found direction for the changes necessary. Digmoor also stated that Racchi feels he is not ready to come back.
  • Iam stated her belief that Racchi is just beginning to acknowledge problems with inappropriate behavior with women and young girls. She feels Racchi needs more time to gain skills before he should be allowed to attend gatherings. Iam also called for a continuation of Healing Circles.
  • Terry expressed his belief that the roots of Racchi’s behaviors are deep seated, both in time and in his mind. It is Terry’s opinion that Racchi needs our support in the form of encouragement to seek professional help (psychiatric, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc., whatever works), not in the form of fellowship on the land.
  • Betsi, Nahnah, and Medicine Crow all indicated their belief that Racchi is not ready to return.
  • Gonzo stated that since Racchi has not contacted Turtle Soup or Rainbow in any way, or indicated any interest in petitioning to return, such discussion is premature as a decision-making circle, since there is at this point no call for or purpose for a decision.
  • The healing circle aspect of the discussion may be valuable, however.
  • There was no concensus call regarding allowing/welcoming the return of Racchi, as blockage of that call was a foregone conclusion.

Much Love,

Betsi, Iam, and Terry

Medicine Crow scribed the following brief notes regarding the discussion Sunday morning. There was no consensus called on these items. Things will happen as stated unless we decide to change them using the TSHC Yahoo group. Or, they won’t. It’s Rainbow.

Discussed on Sunday was the time table for the Great Lakes Rainbow Family Circle (Circus?) which will be from June 28th to July 7th. Directions will be posted on June 25th. Sarah will provide the vehicle to get the Kitchen up there (renting a UHaul, expenses to be reimbursed from the “TS Magic Hat”) and Digmoor will bring it back.