Michigan Spring Council 2010 Notes

Michigan (and Indiana) Rainbow Council April 30 – June 2 -Cascade, Michigan

Notes scribed by Gonzo In attendance (not all were in the council circle, but all were at the council site at some point during the weekend – let me know any non-kids I missed…I know there are a few): DragonJon, Paul, Jen, Sean, Gonzo, Sara, Sarah, KC, Morningsong, Lydia, Dave, Jim, Jen, Colleen, Joel, Tom, Welsh, Melissa, Adam, Do-Si-Do, Judith, Grace, Digmoor, Terry, Betsi, RaeAnn, Rick, Lily, Jane, Adam Red Earth, Talking Tree, Treasure, Justin, Hippie San, Ed, and a gaggle of kids.

Jen annouced that the Lightline is no more. If anyone would like to volunteer a phone number and the service of maintaining an outgoing message, let us know. Folks are encouraged to donate items to the Turtle Soup Benefit Yard and Craft Sale, May 14 & 15 at Bart’s, corner of Merrill and Hewitt in Ypsi. Be prepared to take back anything of yours that doesn’t sell. Consensuses by silence: Bual is here in spirit.

  • Turtle Soup Kitchen is going to the Annual Gathering
  • Trailer packing weekend – June 5 & 6 at Dave Darling’s
  • Fall Council consensus calendar reaffirmed (see Events at http://www.greatlakesrainbow.info)
  • Fall regional September 18 – 25, Indiana

Consensus by giggling: Marijuana is still legal And that was about it for the council circle. Fine circle, fine weekend.