Michigan Spring Kownsayl 2005 Notes

May 6 – 8, 2005 – Saranac, Michigan

Notes scribed by Gonzo

Present at some time during the weekend:

Betsi, Terry, Josh, Racchimuskillingum, Gonzo, Dragonfly, Buddy, DragonJon, Taraka, Gypsy Mantis, Rana, Tucker, A.J., Brandon, Sue, Digmoor, Grace, Heidi, Elijah, Jen, Greg, Eryn, Chameleon Dave, Mitchell, Deonte, Shane, Colleen, Paul, Jane, Robert, Joyce, Morningsong, Doug, Steve, Joshua, Medicine Crow, Nahnah, Austin, Jordan, Tara, Chris, Karmapapapa, Lucy

DragonJon pearls:

Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
Between the two is where I live.

Digmoor gave the nonofficial Michigan Rainbow Kownsayl Yell. Kownsayl assembled.

Consensus: Marijuana is still legal.

Bual sends a message with Jen that he will haul the Turtle Soup Kitchen to the Annual Gathering in Virginia(?). He plans to leave June 15, but we’re hoping he’ll wait until after the Gallup Park Family Reunion Picnic on the 18th.

Colleen offered her property on the Muskegon River near Paris for a Regional Gathering over Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 – 30. Consensus to accept offer. Do not arrive before Friday morning, you will not be able to get in. Water is available nearby.

The High Wholly Zuzu commissioned to cajole Leaf into action regarding moving the Great Lakes Rainbow Web site to the new server, and also to discuss establishing Michigan Rainbow “yard sale” and barter pages.

Consensus: We all love Lydia, and hope to see her at the Annual Gathering.

  • Magic Hat money: Nobody knows if there is any. Bual should get some money for hauling the kitchen. Consensus to pass the hat or have a “Magic Hat” drop box at Turtle Soup Kitchen at the annual. Also we should pass a hat at the Family Reunion Picnic. Funds should also go to Billy Z for the trailer license tags.
  • Jen will check with Bual regarding hauling the kitchen to the Regional.
  • Fall Regional? Raymond sends word he’d like a site near him (in Alpena).
  • Yoopers have recently requested a regional near them. Consensus: We like both ideas, and encourage people living in those areas to scout sites.
  • Dave Darling has offered his property near Perry for a Fall Kownsayl. Su also has offered her land between Muskegon and Ludington for unspecified Rainbow coming-to-gather, and more specifically for the Valentine Love-In Camp-Out.
  • Betsi has some money for a stage for the Tie-Dye Party. She would like offers of material and building/design expertise. Several folks at Kownsayl volunteered to help.
  • Joosh via phone call passed on a request from an Ann Arbor satellite kownsayl that Turtle Soup Kitchen this year be located in a reasonably accessible spot at the Annual, not way out on the fringes. This request is both because a sister in a wheelchair wants to participate in the kitchen, and also so that a good number of different folks will stop by for a bite to eat.