Michigan Spring Kownsayl 2006 Notes

May 5 – 7, 2006 – Saranac, Michigan

Michigan Spring Kownsayl

Notes scribed by Gonzo

In attendance: Owen, Bual, Jen, Gonzo, Orrin Mystery, Tim, Terry, Gypsymantis, Taraka Das, Betsi, Karmapapapa, Jen, Jiminy Turtle, Digmoor, Lydia, Dawn, Kathy, Heidi, Heidi, Grace, Derek, Joshua, Josh, Jay, Devin, Su, Jordan, Trevor, Zachariah, Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Austin, Lucy, The Jahlai Llama

Consensus call: Marijuana still legal. Blocked by Owen. His explanation: We live in two nations, the nation of the United States, where it is indeed illegal, but also in the Imagi Nation, where it is indeed legal. I want to give proper respect to those of our brothers and sisters who are locked up for marijuana. However, in ultimate respect for them…I will agree, marijuana is legal. [Block rescinded, consensus reached]

At the monthly Turtle Soup councils, cleanup and preparation of Turtle Soup kitchen was discussed. There is a kitchen organizing/repacking session htis Sunday (May 7) at John and Diana’s farm. Also logistics of getting the kitchen to and from the Gathering. Jen and Jim will haul the trailer there, but can’t bring it back. Bual will haul it back. If he as at the Gathering. Possible places to store trailer after Gathering: Dave Darling’s place, Nahnah’s Garden. Nahnah and MC arrived Sunday, agreed to store the kitchen at their place. Bual proposed making a list of food and other kitchen supplies which are desirable, and arranging ahead of time for folks to bring specific items. Sawblades are needed. Or a large crosscut loggers’ saw. There is $193 in the hat for supplies. A wish list will be posted on GLOW.

Karmapapapa will resign as Director of Welcome Homeland Security unless an Interim Assistant Director of Welcome Homeland Security can be drafted.

List: Ropes, tarps, sawblades, tongs, oven mitts, pumps, white gas, zuzus, Interim Assistant Directors of Welcome Homeland Security

Digmoor recently spoke with Racchi, who asked to convey that he has some Turtle Soup equipment to return to the kitchen. Digmoor has agreed to get together with Racchi and get the items returned to the kitchen.

Consensus call: There will be a fundraiser yard sale at Bart’s house on Merrill in Ypsilanti, June 10-11 (in conjunction with the Family Reunion Picnic at Gallup Park). Bart has been called for consultation. Bart is agreeable, as long as things are not left at his place. [Consensus reached]

What do we need for the Whatchamacallit? Tarps, ropes, bungees, handwash & dishwash stations, shovels, food, water containers, sugar, zuzus. From Turtles: Six water containers, a couple of tarps, ropes, foot pump for hand wash, shovel. Do we have anyone who can pick up these items from S.E. Michigan and take them? Perhaps if there aren’t SE Michigan folks, some Ohio folks can stop on their way through.

Owen will use his Seabee training to swim the supplies up the river ahead of time, if someone agrees to deliver the supplies to him in approved waterproof containers, delivered by yellow submarine to an undisclosed location.

Seriously, we *do* need someone to transport supplies from S.E. Michigan. Volunteers?

Discussion of Turtle Soup name. It isn’t really the task of this council to make decisions for that particular kitchen, but we can discuss anyway. Or maybe we can decide. What the heck? Proposal: Folks who want to call it Turtle Soup can call it Turtle Soup, folks who want to use another name can use another name. Concern raised that veganism not being respected. Discussion of the importance of Turtle Soup Kitchen being a strict vegan kitchen. Proposal that kitchen be named Fnord Kitchen, The Cleanest Kitchen in Gary. Proposal that it be called Turtles’ Soup. Proposal that it be called Souper Turtle Kitchen. Proposal that the whole “soup” controversy be avoided: Turtle Stew Kitchen. Proposal that it be called Don’t-Spit-On-The-Turtle Kitchen. Proposal that it be called If The Name Doesn’t Matter Then It Shouldn’t Matter If We Change It Kitchen. Proposal that it be called Mom & Pop Kitchen (No Moms or Pops Were Harmed). Proposal that it be called I Can’t Believe It’s Not Turtle Soup Kitchen. Proposal that a signboard with a permanent marker be put up at the kitchen entrance with a note, Name Our Kitchen. Bart should not be asked to modify the stained glass sign.

Request made that whatever the kitchen is called, that there be space designated for councilling and counseling. This year’s kitchen should demonstrate a tranformative follow-up to last year’s events.

Major thank-you to John and Diana for storing and maintaining the kitchen at their farm.