Great Lakes Rainbow Fall Regional, September 20-30, 2013, Manistee National Forest

Sounds like there will be at least two kitchens present!

The site is very close to here:, but look for welcome home signs or flags on the two track since the pin is only approximate. Parking is near where 8199 ends at Shanty Boy trail on this map:

Starting from Cadillac Michigan:

Head west on 55 from Cadillac Mi.

Turn left on Fire Tower Rd. (at the entrance of Fire Tower Rd. there will be a blue water pump. You can see it from Fire Tower Rd. , but it’s partially hidden from 55)

Turn right on Steinberg Rd. ( It will be the first road off of Fire Tower Rd.)

You will eventually come to a fork in Steinberg Rd. Take the road to the left.

Continue following Steinberg Rd. till you reach an over grown two track rd. on the left labeled with a brown marker as road 8199. This road will NOT be on a map.

Turn left onto road 8199.

SLOWLY drive about a quarter mile down road 8199 to the site.

Site will be to your left! Park along the two track!