Great Lakes Rainbow Family “Spring Council” on the Land and 4/20 regional Earth Day gathering !

4/20 EARTH DAY GATHERING hosted by South Bend Kids Kitchen 

Announcement: Update ! 4/20 Earthday gathering will from April 15 thru the 24th. Hope to see all of you there! ♡WE LOVE YOU! South bend kidz kitchen had a council last week ! Scout/Seed camp will be in the woods by this weekend. We will be in one of 3 sites all located near Muskegon and Rothbury.

exact location : This just in, pls share with other great lakes family-directions from scouting for michigan gathering in Nordhouse dunes wilderness apr 15-24, with S Bend kidz: “14 mile rd west off 37 follow 14 mile till it dead ends look right 2 track follow markings to welcome home ”

Further info may be found on the Turtle Soup kitchen and/or Great Lakes Rainbow Family group page. Any food donations & supplies (including water) only manifest a gathering with more healthy energy.

INfo from many previous years events:

Please bring your own tent/basic camping supplies, we will have a community kitchen, bliss pit, & shitter. We work together to set up and maintain the kitchen & peace. Donate what you can in terms of food, energy, labor, smiles, hugs, help, etc. No one is every turned away from Rainbow, this is a come as you are, do what you can, temporary wooded community. Blessings. Lovin’ You. (Alcohol is discouraged & asked to be kept at front gate.) Bring lots of water! Hope to see lots of smiling faces in the woods. Site will be posted asap, we will be scouting !



Howdy Folks !

Our Great Lakes Rainbow Family has reached a consensus for our annual “Spring Council” again this year to be held on the Land near Perry, MI.

The dates are May 13th thru 15th at Dave & Nina’s located at:  4993 West Britton Rd Perry Michigan 48872


Map to the site

For those new to Rainbow, Spring Council is much like any other gathering with plenty of food, fun, music, old and new friends around the campfire, though at some time(s) during the weekend we’ll pass the feather in a circle to decide plans for the kitchen and trailer(s) for the coming year. Family Consensus is that the big annual Rainbow Gathering will be relatively nearby to Great Lakes Region in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine, and Great Lakes Family needs to be ready. All are welcome in council, even first time gatherers. Plenty of informal discussions and also heartsong circles are likely as well. We are hoping to pass the magic hat this year to raise funds for our kind ride share of the Turtle Trailer to the gathering some time this June until possibly mid-July this year ! Vision council for manifesting consensus on the Land may happen from Friday thru Sunday this May.

This land is a sacred space so please honor this energy. The gathering ends on Sunday, so please respect the land and our hosts and don’t linger after that.

Bring food to share, though there is well water available on site. If you are staying overnight bring a tent, bedroll, plenty of blankets, and be especially well prepared for cold and snow/rain, after all it is Michigan.

A HO ! 1.2.3. .  .  .  .  WE LOVE YOU ! ! !

Let’s have a Great rainbow gathering this year ! Thank You to all of you who came out to support our Turtle Soup kitchen in 2015 , we manifested one of the largest rainbow gatherings in Michigan in over a decade last summer near Sleeping Bear ! A beautiful event to remember & may we all in the spirit of love & peace as brothers and sisters of living light continue to co-create these memories and healing on this One Planet (Gaia) Earth Mother.  Namaste.


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  1. Dr Detroit wants to help build Detroit response to 420 gathering.

    Does this amount to a midwest regional and/or are othyers planned or expected too?

    If national is out east does that mean we will not see a Manistee
    gathering on the the 4th (like happened last year)?

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