Great Lakes Rainbow Regional Gathering, Manistee NF, June 29-July 9, 2018

Howdy Folks!

Here are directions to Michigan Regional gathering, June 29-July 9. This is not an alternate nor protest gathering.  The Turtle Trailer couldn’t make it to GA with resources on hand so we’ve elected to gather in Michigan.  Also, consensus is to not post a map pin, only post directions. You can send a pin by private message only, please don’t post publicly.

These are directions as listed by scouting crew, there are some mysterious typos, but this is all the info we have at this point.  We heard from someone that the question marks mean there is a space with illegible letters, but that is a rumor.

From US-37 south of Baldwin turn west on 14 mile rd opposite Sippy Flats general store.
Go 1 mile to Bingham rd and continue west on 14 mile (dirt) road for 1 more mile.
At end of road turn right on curvaceous road 5?96.
Go 0.75 miles on 5?96 turn right at fork and continue north on 5396 for 0.25 mile,  turn sharp right.
Look for rainbow marker. Head southeast on 5548 0.25 mile to 5550 on left.
Welcome Home!

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  1. Home Safe! Amen Brothers and Sisters—Love to You All Whom Made IT To Gathering this past weekend! It was the most beautiful swimming hole and forest I’ve been to……The women were great! I really enjoyed cooking with you all and spending time with you.The Men Also,,,,,Lets stay in touch…Come to West Park for Ann Arbor Art Fair and BBQ, hang out.. Have a nice summer and stop by to visit,
    Aimee .

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