Great Lakes Regional Rainbow Gathering Free Speech/Free Assembly Event

heart of turtle island in michigan

Howdy Folks!

The location has been announced for the Great Lakes Rainbow Regional Gathering, June 26-July 7, 2015.

This regional is not an alternate nor protest to the annual gathering in South Dakota, and the site is too small to support an annual sized gathering. There will be no Vision Council at this gathering for determining the site for next year’s annual. We encourage all family who feel the call to participate and have the means to do so, to please support Vision Council in South Dakota.

If you are called to this regional, Welcome Home, though we are asking family to come prepared.

Bring Lots Of Water! Expect to haul water from off-site. There is not enough water tapped on site to support us. Please come prepared for cold and wet Michigan weather, even in summer.  (See the Turtle Guide to Packing for Rainbow).

IMPORTANT: Endangered bat species live in standing dead trees in these woods, so DO NOT CUT STANDING DEAD TREES. Harvest dead and down wood only. Our bat friends need a HOME too!

Clean-up begins when you arrive. Please care properly for your pets if you must bring them, they are an awesome responsibility. Please leash or keep them under your control and dispose of their waste in the shitters. Please no alcohol at this family friendly event.

We in the Great Lakes region humbly request that family help us use this regional gathering to help elevate our collective awareness through focused workshops, skill shares, artistry, and by thorough healing and spiritual uplift for all our family, and all beings. We invite all to share wisdom, skills, and heart songs to teach us to live more sustainably, in peace and harmony with all life.

No matter where we gather, we are one family, ohming in unison across north america.

Directions from Mesick, Michigan:
1) Eugene St. South to the T at Henry.
2) Right on Henry (west) for 5.1 miles. (Turns into Old 37 south. Stay on pavement ).
3) Turn left (east) on W 24 Rd. For 1.3 miles.
4) Take a left (north) on 5036 for 0.4 miles to 5647. You are now at Front Gate.
5) Park along FS 5036 on one side only, all tires off the road. Make good use of limited meadow space along parking roads. Do not park on FS 5647, that trail is within the gathering.
6) Walk in to Gathering on FS 5647, half a mile north of 5036.

Welcome Home! We Love You!

heart of turtle island

We recognize the consensus of the Spring Council held in the Black Hills:

Consensus #1: All land is sacred.
Consensus #2: Ignore all rumors. There is a massive amount of misinformation being spread on the internet and in media, and very little true information. To know what is true about events on the land, contact those who are on the land.

Consensus #3: We, who are brothers & sisters, children of spirit, families of life on earth, friends of nature & of all people, children of humankind calling ourselves the rainbow gathering, humbly invite:
All races, peoples, tribes, communes, men, women, children, individuals — out of love.
All nations & national leaders — out of respect
All religions & religious leaders — out of faith
All politicians — out of charity,

to join with us in gathering together for the purpose of expressing our sincere desire that there shall be peace on earth, harmony among all people.

We gather to hold open worship, prayer, chanting or whatever is the want or desire of the people, but upon the fourth day of July until noon to ask that there be a meditative, contemplative silence wherein we, the invited people of the world may consider & give honor & respect to anyone or anything that has aided in the positive evolution of humankind & nature upon this, our most beloved & beautiful world — asking blessing upon we people of this world & hope that we people can effectively proceed to evolve, expand, & live in harmony & peace.

Please be respectful of the First Nations’ land, culture, and spirituality. Indigenous people have asked us not to imitate indigenous cultures.

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  1. RETRACTION! I fucked up, the coordinates i posted were from LAST YEAR. I have removed my posts/comments with them, pls accept my apology, and if anyone can get the coordinates for THIS YEAR, will u PLEASE POST THEM/PM them? Thanks, love to all.

  2. Intend to bring inner peace and tranquil creativity because there can be no world peace unless we first have it inside of us.

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