Great Lakes Spring Counsel, May 5-7, 2017

Howdy Folks !

Our Great Lakes Rainbow Family consensus is for “Great Lakes Spring Counsel”  to be held on the land near Perry, MI, May 5 – 7,  among the beautiful paths of the 10 acre woods,    4993 West Britton Rd, Perry, Michigan, 48872,, starting in late afternoon.

Great Lakes Spring Counsel (verb) is much like any other gathering, so along with good family, please bring good food, fun, musical jams, conversation and comraderie to share around the campfire.  Just be who you are, WE LOVE YOU!  At some time(s) during the weekend we’ll pass the feather in a circle to come to working consensus about how the kitchen and trailer(s) can best serve family this year.

Bring food to share, though there is well water available on site.  Bring a tent, tarp, bedroll, hammocks, plenty of blankets, and be especially well prepared for cold and snow/rain, after all it is Michigan.  No alcohol please.

Family consensus is that the big annual Rainbow Gathering is in Oregon, and Great Lakes Family needs to vision for this time. Some phamilies may want to venture with kitchen to Oregon, while others may want to keep kitchen in this bioregion, so it is important for all who have a vision for the kitchen to be present in council. All are welcome in counsel, even first time gatherers are an equal part of family consensus. Plenty of informal discussions and also heartsong circles will likely manifest as well.

This event is free.  All are welcome to gift to the magic hat if able to share resources to support family.  We are deeply grateful to the family who lets us gather here to join in sacred circle for so many years.

This land is a sacred space so please honor this energy. The gathering ends on Sunday, so please respect the land and our hosts and don’t linger after that.

A HO ! 1.2.3. .  .  .  .  WE LOVE YOU ! ! !

Thank You to all the phamilies who came out to support the south bend kidz in the woods near Wellston MI this earth day & 4/20. WE ARE ALL SOUTH BEND KIDZ!  Special thanks to clean up crew who disappeared our impact on the forest.  Eight years running spring rainbow gatherings in the great lakes bioregion! AHO!

May we all join in the spirit of love & peace as brothers and sisters of living light and continue to co-create this peaceful healing on this One Planet (Gaia) Earth Mother.  Namaste.