Indiana Regional Gathering, April 18-28, 2014 , Hoosier Nat’l Forest

South Bend Kids Kitchen is plugging in for this regional gathering. Updates at South Bend Kids Earth Day Gathering.


Head south outa indianapolis on the 37 for a long time
Eventually it cuts west on the I64 and then eventually cuts back south after not too long
Eventually you’ll hit the 70 take a left
Less than a mile later follow signs for German ridge to take a right on tiger trail
Follow till stop sign at Gerald road take a right
Take a left on German ridge road you’ll see cairns
Follow that till you see 102 popp road then take a right turn right after you pass popp onto a dirt road they’ll be cairns and a sign”1114 201″
Bring lots of love and natural bug repellant we are low on rope

Alternate Directions, different source:
google yerself to derby, Indiana real small town
1. head west on state road 70 for 5 miles
2. take a left on tiger road there will be a forest sign pointing it out it
will say german ridge trailhead
3. follow 5 miles till the stop sign at Gerald road
4. take a right and then your next left onto german ridge road less than a quarter mile down
it may not be marked but there will be carns
5. skip the first two 2tracks on the right the third is what your looking for
it will be not 50 feet past 102 POPP road which is marked.
the take a right onto our two track it will be marked with a sign that says 1114