South Bend Kidz Equinox Gathering, Sept 18-28, 2015

320px-Country_laneHowdy Folks!! We have a site location for our South Bend Kidz Fall equinox regional rainbow gathering. September 18th – 28th

Directions to parking lot:
Starting from Cadillac Michigan:

Head west on 55 from Cadillac Mi.
Turn left on Fire Tower Rd. (at the entrance of Fire Tower Rd. there will be a blue water pump. You can see it from Fire Tower Rd. , but it’s partially hidden from 55)

Turn right on Steinberg Rd. ( It will be the first road off of Fire Tower Rd.)

You will eventually come to a fork in Steinberg Rd. Take the road to the left.

Continue following Steinberg Rd. till you reach an over grown two track rd. on the left labeled with a brown marker as road 8199. This road will NOT be on a map.

Turn left onto road 8199.( Note: there is a fairly large bump at the beginning of this road. Proceed with caution, but it is crossable with small cars.)

SLOWLY drive about a quarter mile down road 8199 to the site.

Site will be to your left! Park along the two track!

**Plenty of parking along trail 8199 also a few clearings for RVs/busses.

Remember, all tires off the road!

Love In You, see you at HOME!