Help Get Turtle Soup To the Annual Rainbow Gathering in MN/WI

Greetings Family!

Please help us get Turtle Soup Kitchen to the Annual gathering in The North Woods by donating to our Go-Fund-Me fundraiser!

The kitchen trailer might be leaving for the gathering as early as June 1, so please donate early so we can get the funds to the kind family setting up the Turtle’s seed camp.

We need your help more than ever! This year we have to provide water pumping and filtration for our kitchen with solar power since there are no high altitude springs in the north country. It will take $500 of gasoline just to get the kitchen into the woods just to get started, and as always, we also need to purchase vegan food, filters, hoses, water tanks and other items needed to keep the gathering and our kitchen healthy.

Every little bit helps! Even $5! Thank you for donating today.

Here is video of some work done so far on early pump and filter system prototyping:

Please donate to our Go-Fund-Me fundraiser. Alternately,¬† you can also send money through Paypal to “”. Please share on social media if you can’t kick down other resources at this time. We Love You!