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There was talk in some of the old council notes for GLR Skills/Services Exchange.

Post your links here in the comments (email in comments area will not be published) or send an email to sistarbliss[at] and they will be added to the links page. Feel free to post any websites that may come to mind for informational resources. I’d like to see some links to shops or handicraft pages/blogs as I like to try and buy things from local folks when I can. I don’t know if I’m supposed to mention that sort of thing, as there’s typically no money exchanged – with the exception of Magic Hat. Trades are good too. I’ve been doing a lot of them lately. Even if someone has a shop set up, you can go there to look at the products and then contact them to work out a trade.

I’m not sure if anyone would want their contact info here (like phone number, etc.), but it’s easy to set up a blog through wordpress or blogger and set it so people can contact you privately through your profile there.  FB pages work too.

Good places you can sell things online:

That’s what comes to mind at the moment. If this post ($ related content) is out of line someone just give me a holler and I’ll remove it, lol!

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