Setting up your GLR Email with Gmail

Over the years this website has moved from server to server and been through quite a few changes. Here’s a tutorial that will help you keep a backup of all of your mail in gmail. You will be able to send and receive mail through gmail, which allows up to about 7.5 gigs of storage, and has great spam protection.

If you’d like to see any of the images in this tutorial with larger size, just click on them. If you have any problems, feel free to leave a comment below.


First and foremost you’ll likely want to change the default password that was given to you. Just log into your webmail at and change the password.


1. Create a GMail account.

2. Log in and click on gear icon in the top right hand corner and then click on Mail settings.

3. Under Accounts and import, click on “Add Pop 3 Email Account”

4. Enter your email address


5. Enter your email settings.

Your username is your email address, and the pop server is I like to label my incoming messages with the email address, because I have multiple pop accounts set up in my gmail.

If you get a LOT of email, with images and attachments, please uncheck “leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”. Your email will always remain in gmail. I have the accounts set up with unlimited space for email at the moment, but if it gets to be a large disk space consumption issue, the space will be changed to limited.

6. Click on Add Account

7. Send Mail As

Under the Accounts and Import tab click on “Add another email address you own”.

I always use gmail for sending…

You will be prompted to “send verification” to the pop mail account.

8. Verify Email Address

Log into your web mail at and go through the verification.

Stick around to the very end of this tutorial for some final tweaks!

Confirmation Success!

9. Set default email address for composing new messages

In Settings>Accounts and Import, click on the “make default” link if you would like your newly composed messages to be your email addy.

If you don’t want your default email changed, read on to find out how to choose which email account to send from when you compose new messages.

10. Compose email message and choose which email account to send it from

When composing a new message, there will be a little crop down arrow in the “From” field. If you click on it, your other email addresses will display in this section. Click on the email address you wish to send mail with and you’re good to go!

If you need help, or have any other questions regarding email setup, feel free to leave a comment or, send a message via the contact page.