Setting up your GLR Email with Zoho

If for some reason you have an aversion to gmail, there’s an alternative web mail application that allows pop accounts. One nice feature of zoho is that it supports regular folders. The interface reminds me of the classic yahoo, but free to set up pop accounts. Yahoo charges a yearly fee for pop.

The only drawback with this one would be that it has less disk space. I think the max is a gig, but I’m not positive. This only becomes a problem if you are sharing large files such as .zip files with images and such.

1. Create an email account with

2. Log in and click on the “settings” link

3. Click on the “mail” tab and “add POP3 Account”


3. Enter your Details

Email ID and User Name should be your email address. Incoming server is Port number is 110. If you want this as default account, check that box as well. You’ll see below how this part operates in the zoho email interface. If you don’t check the default box, I think the default email addy will display, which is not likely the addy you want to be using as default.

Test your account.

4. Add Send Mail

Custom SMTP, SMTP server is and the port number is 25. Use incoming server credentials. I asked Leaf about the Secure Connection part and he said that it will be fine to set it up this way.

Create Account

The screenshot below shows the default mail account at the top as my sistarbliss GLR email. At the bottom is where your other pop accounts will be listed (if you choose to add any).

You can click on them and they will slide up to the top and show a separate mail box and folder list for each address.