Michigan Spring Council 2008 Notes

Following are the notes as transcribed by Iam and interpreted by Terry and Betsi.

In attendance: bill-i, Jenny, Iam, Nick, Irie, Digmoor, Lydia Lovely, Charley, Justin, Terry, Betsi, Lee, Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Dave Darling, Gonzo, Brother Bill, Paul, Colleen, Bual, and Jen.

After a short-lived, yet spirited discussion of how this Council would be facilitated, Iam undertook the role of facilitator as well as scribe.

Topics suggested for discussion included:

  • Site for July 4
  • Kitchen needs
  • Missing wok
  • Getting trailer home from Council
  • Name for MI Regional on 4 July
  • Racchi—3 year period over
  • Kitchen…to Nationals and/or Michigan

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Autumn Regional Clownshow 2007 Notes

November 3 – 5, 2007 – Nahnah’s Garden and Cat Ranch – Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Notes scribed by Gonzo. Note that these are Gonzo’s notes, not an “official” and complete record of the Clownshow. Hopefully the important topics are summarized effectively.

In attendance at the location at some time:

Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Austin, Gonzo, Betsi, Terry, Dave, Jim, Jen, Doug, Lydia, Derek, Heidi, Grace, Ua, Sarah, Elijah, Forest, Will, Becky, Chip, Rick, Daniel, Auryn, Joosh, James, Alicia, Lucy, Johnny, Chris. Also the four-legged Rainbows Barley, Fuzzy, Spooky, Speck, Bagira, Ezzy, Amber. Also (invoked in spirit) Perry

Agenda items:

Summer Regional. Condor phoned Jen prior to Clownshow, suggested Pigeon River Country. Upper Peninsula also has a lot of support. Continue reading Autumn Regional Clownshow 2007 Notes

Michigan Spring Council 2007 Notes

May 19, 2007 – Michigan Spring Council Notes

Notes scribed by – DragonJon

This council occurred on the land during the Spring Regional. It was a sunny and mild afternoon in the southern tip of the Manistee National Forest. Folks seemed very much in agreement, as all items discussed and then called for consensus were agreed upon without additional debate.

Those in attendance at Spring Council included the following (apologies if someone was missed):

Jane, Colleen, Sarah, Amber, Zander, Allison, Brad, Ayaya, Karen, Derek (Young Stallion), Jay, Brian, Honoria, Orin, Digmoor, Mike, Surreal SirPeal, Roxanne, Bual, Hunter, Dave D., Forrest, Betsi, Raymond, Edward, Lydia, Sarah (Big & Tall), Jenni, Jill, Jim, Jen, DragonJon, Stephanie, Jen, Bob Continue reading Michigan Spring Council 2007 Notes

Autumn Regional Kownsayl 2006 Notes

November 3 – 5, 2006 – Nahnah’s Garden and Cat Ranch – Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Midwest Autumn Kownsayl

Notes scribed by Gonzo.

In attendance at some point: Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Gonzo, Betsi, Terry, Chameleon Dave, Joosh, Jen, Bual, Jim, Jen, Dave, Morningsong, Susan, Digmoor, Lydia, Chris, Ann, Steve, Derek, Heidi, Joshua, Forest, Grace, Zach, Katy, Kelsey, Danny, Austin, Lucy

Proposal: Spring Regional in Michigan, plus August regional either in Pennsylvania or in Michigan. Consensus: Spring Regional in the Hesperia region. Continue reading Autumn Regional Kownsayl 2006 Notes

Michigan Spring Kownsayl 2006 Notes

May 5 – 7, 2006 – Saranac, Michigan

Michigan Spring Kownsayl

Notes scribed by Gonzo

In attendance: Owen, Bual, Jen, Gonzo, Orrin Mystery, Tim, Terry, Gypsymantis, Taraka Das, Betsi, Karmapapapa, Jen, Jiminy Turtle, Digmoor, Lydia, Dawn, Kathy, Heidi, Heidi, Grace, Derek, Joshua, Josh, Jay, Devin, Su, Jordan, Trevor, Zachariah, Nahnah, Medicine Crow, Austin, Lucy, The Jahlai Llama

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