Michigan Spring Council 2001 – Notes

May 5 & 6, 2001 – Saranac, Michigan

These notes prepared by Gonzo…they are my own reflections on the council; only the consensus items were council decisions.

In attendance for some period of time during the weekend:

Betsi, Terry, Joshua, Gonzo, Sean, Racchimuskillingum, Alyssa, August, Sheriff Eric, Ray, Jill, John, Corinna, Jerry, Richard, Michael, Nana, Austin, Robin, Sarah, Bear, Kim, Will, John, Todd, Doug, DragonJon, Terri, Rhiannon, Sage, Anna, Stacy, Sprite, Pacific, Sunshine, Diane, Anna Flora, Beth, Autumm, Su, His Silliness The Jahlai Llama, Nicole, Sarah, Josh, Steve, Pete, Amy, Chuck, Daniel, Amber, Roy, Pat, Peckerhead Stew

It was wonderful to have so many young children injecting so much energy into the weekend. I count 9 kids who I’m sure were under 5 years old, plus 3 other older kids (plus the rest of us really old kids, of course). Continue reading Michigan Spring Council 2001 – Notes