No Organized Activity in the Arb – Sat. July 20, 2013, late afternoon

Nichols ArboretumIgnore all rumors of cancellation, and all rumors of organization! As university policy expressly forbids any organized activities in the Nichols Arboretum, we here again sternly warn that there will not be any organized activity in this most magical arboretum in the late afternoon on the last day of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. If, to escape the crowds, you decide to wander in the center of the Arb on that late Saturday afternoon, and you happen upon some happy hippies in heartsong, friendly family fostering free food, frisbees, frolicking, or fun…you can rest assured that it is no one’s fault. If you get there and no one is there, either you have the wrong spot, or its not rainbow time yet. Rain location and afterdark afterparty at the Pool Of Wonder,where there will be overnight camping available, and we will be getting the Turtle Soup trailer prepped for its next adventure…more directions to follow.. Click here for Arboretum parking and picnicking locations and directions.

No Organized Activity in the Arb

No Organized Activity in the Arb, last day of Ann Arbor Art Fairs

Saturday, July 23 2011, late afternoon to dusk.

If you and the family happen to be picnicking in the Arb to end out the Ann Arbor Art fairs, don’t be surprised by serendipitous meetings with friendly faces, musical instruments and picnic baskets, in the main meadow, toward the river.  Because the Arb has firm rules against organized activities, we feel it is important to make sure that if folks show up there, as many often do at this time in July, they understand they are freely assembling of their own volition, and that no one will be organizing anything on their behalf. Link to map of Arb parking location