Great Lakes Rainbow Blue Moon Gathering, August 31, 2012 (w/Trailer Cleanup)

Howdy Folks!

You are invited to gather in peace, freedom, community and respect for all life at the  Great Lakes Rainbow Blue Moon Gathering, Friday August 31, 2012 at the Healing Hearts Center, 5780 Joy Rd Dexter MI 48130  (15 min from downtown Ann Arbor) Directions To Healing Hearts Center Here

Rafael and Daisy have graciously offered use of their land and have made two requests:
1) The Healing Hearts Center is a non-smoking space, both indoors and outdoors, so if you must smoke, please do so in the designated smoking area.
2) No alcohol please.

Two additional requests..please bring (in addition to your Lovin’ Self):
1) A vegetarian dish to share (don’t forget your rainbow bowl and spoon!)
2) How about bringing songs, dance, fire, poems, musical instruments, improv or prewritten theater, sock-puppets, or whatever other forms of creative expression…perhaps we can have an impromptu talent show or performance in addition to the usual blissful freestyle jams!

Participation is the key and we would like to create some positive energy in the space, so in the late afternoon, we’ll be doing some service work,  which will be cleaning up the Turtle kitchen/trailer, the water tubing, doing work on the fire pit for the full moon circle, and other stuff that we need to do to make the magic happen.

In terms of times, the only thing I can say for sure is that it all happens at rainbow time, but in my own experience, it seems like the people start arriving before dark to get fire going (and in this case doing the TSK service), seems like heartsong circle usually happens at some point between 11 pm and midnight, with celebration and fellowship to follow.

Please understand that Healing Hearts Center is the home of Rafael, Daisy, Eden, Lily and Trinity, so please honor their gift of this space to gather.

Lovin’ you, can’t wait to see you!