Michigan Spring Council 2009 Notes

It was a beautiful council and many folks showed up for the event. The weather was great. Thank You for sharing your space with us all. Council decided that Turtle Soup will stay in Michigan for the 4th of July. We will gather at another Lost Lake located near Cadillac. The gathering will be held July 1st through July 7th. Seed Camp will begin the weekend before the 1st. Clean Up will continue through till the following weekend or until the kitchen is packed and the forest is clean.

The Ann Arbor Gallup Park Pot Luck will be June 20th.

A Howdy Folks flyer will be made and distributed to coops and other types of businesses. It will be available online through Turtle Soup Healing Circle for review before distributing.

The Light Line is set up and ready you can email Jen with your event info @ jenshubow @ yahoo. com . The Light Line number is 248-228-3513.

A fall regional was discussed. We decided that more scouting was needed before deciding. Indiana folks are looking into possible sites in their area and Michigan folks will continue to look in Michigan.

A scouting weekend and workshop was also brought up. It will be discussed on TSHC.

We discussed the use of the kitchen for events in Babylon. It was decided that the kitchen could be used if there were enough knowledgeable people (an experienced crew) willing to take responsibility for the kitchen. The decision would need to be discussed through a phone tree and on TSHC before leaving. A contact list was created at the council. IF you would like to be added to the list email me at laburro@yahoo. com .

Council also discussed reasons that Turtle Soup was staying in Michigan and not going to New Mexico. Some points that were made were: The carbon footprint will be less if we are not traveling as far. There was no police presence at the last July regional. It makes it more difficult for the Feds to be everywhere. More people can attend if there are many gatherings across the country.

A wish list was created: pancake mix, oil (veg & olive), vinegar, pasta, tomato products, balsamic vinegar, salt, COFFEE, sweatner, brown rice, toilet paper, soap dispenser for hand wash, doc bronners, throat lozenges, benydryl, oats (quick), baking powder, baking soda, dish soap, scrubbies, garbage bags.

Folks who attended council and signed up on the note pad are: Jim and Jen, Terry and Betsi, Su, Paul, colleen, Mary Morningsong, Nannah, Medicine Crow, Austin, Lucy, Bob Bocks, Jason, David Syckle, Amanda, Lee, Lillie, Neil, Dosey Doe, Kelly, Alyx, Kc, Justin,Bual, Jen, Eryn, Greg, Ced, Digmore, Lydia, Joshua, Heidi, Grace, Dave,Steve, and some others.