Turtle Soup Council Notes Spring 2012 Green Eagle Farm

Present: Betsi, Jen, Jim, Lilly, Fia, Will, Arie, Jen, Greg, Grace, Digmoor, Mary, Colleen, Iam, Jaden, Casey, Joel, Steve, Krissy (If you are on the list and did not want listed , sorry. If you are not on the list and wanted listed, sorry)

Consensus: Turtle Soups Long Standing Consensus still stands

Safety First

Council agrees to post notes in edited form

Nationals: Turtle Soup will go to the Nationals if there are enough committed responsible people to help. That requires a strong call for volunteers, resources, and kitchen crew. Sarah is the point person and will organize the people interested in helping with set up, duration, and clean up. A final decision will be made at the Gallup Park Potluck in Ann Arbor Saturday June 9.
Howdy Family! (Note from Sarah)

Looking for crew to get Turtle Soup to the nationals or a regional gathering! Please call Sarah to volunteer @ 269-370-0225 or email sdragonfly222@hotmail.com ASAP! Even if you are not available for the whole trip, let me know how you want to help!

Gallup Park: A canoe caravan will be leaving Argo Canoe Livery at 12 sharp and meander joyfully towards Gallup Park Family Reunion Picnic. The Family reunion Picnic is Saturday June 9, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor Over the one-way bridge, follow the Huron River in the direction of flow till you reach a giant field, and we’ll be under the shady tree (most likely). Start time: 4:19 pm

Phone Tree: Contact Focalizers (Betsi betzii@yahoo.com, Jen 734-604-8764, Colleen 231-250-0972, or Sarah 269-370-0225 ) if you would like to be contacted by phone for updates and events.

Trailer Clean Up: Dave Darlings June 2nd Perry, Mi

Scouts Rock: A new fall regional site needs to be scouted or old sites revisited.

Fall Council: Paul & Colleen offer their place for a fall council. Open invite to the Tribes. October 18-21

Council is Fun
Council is Done