Great Lakes Regional June 29-July 9, 2017 Huron National Forest

Howdy Folks!

For pholks that can’t make the big annual in Oregon,  family consensed to have a family get together in the Great Lakes region, Huron National Forest, June 29th-July 9th, near Glennie MI. 44.560912, -83.725621 (then follow directions below)

If you can’t make it out west,  or need a stopover on your way to or from the big annual, Turtles, MItten family and South Bend Kidz are hosting a regional gathering near Glennie, MI, bring your own water! It is a haul your own water  gathering, and there is no guarantee that a water source will be developed. Drive carefully, and follow these directions carefully, roads in these areas are rough and not maintained. WE LOVE YOU and we want you HOME safe.

  • To find the regional gathering, first get to Glennie, MI which is at 44.560912, -83.725621
  • From Glennie, head North on M-65/S. State Rd for 3.8 miles to Co Rd 4124 marked for Horseshoe Lake Campground, turn left.
  • Head West toward Horseshoe Lake Campground 1 mile to FS 4307/Skeel Rd, turn left.
  • Continue West on Skeel Rd for a total of 1.2 miles. Do not turn right at the lake access. A short distance after that turn you will approach a non-gated fence for private property. Continue through and do not park on the private land. Do not take the two-track to the North, continue on Skeel Rd.
  • When you get to the FS gate, the two-track continues to the South, turn left.
  • Find a place to park along the road on one side only with tires off the two-track. There is a turn-around 1/2 mile down.
  • Welcome Home!

Lovin you all, no matter where we gather, one love, one family!

Directions to Oregon Annual Rainbow Gathering, July 1-7 are here:  Give the family lots of hugs in Oregon!




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  1. Hey yall im looking for a ride from sheboygan wi to racine wi on fri june 30th . It would be myself my 19 year old son and my nine year old daughter. We need to get to my oldest daughters wedding 🙂 email me at or txt at 9202260648 Loving you all !!

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