Michigan Rainbow Regional (updated directions) 6/29-7/9

Corrected directions to Michigan Rainbow Regional, Huron National Forest, June 29th-July 9th, near Glennie MI. 44.560912, -83.72562 1 (then follow directions below.) Bring lots of water! It is a haul your own water gathering. There is a well pump over a mile from site. Drive carefully, sections of road are shared with off-road vehicles.

From Glennie, head North on M-65/S. State Rd for 3.8 miles to Co Rd 4124 marked “National Forest Campground”, turn left.

Head West exactly 1.0 mile to the road on the left marked, “3960”, (which on map is actually 4307/Skeel Rd), turn left here.

Continue west on 4307/Skeel Rd. exactly 1.2 miles. Do not turn right at the lake access. In a short distance you will see some Private Property signs, but you are totally legal to drive right through. After you’ve made it through the private property signs, stay to the right, continue on Skeel Rd.

Be careful, but don’t panic, an ORV trail merges for 100 yards or so, stay at steady speed through sand. Stay right. Continue not panicking. The sign for a secretary of state license means YOUR car is legal (off road vehicles aren’t). Continue to Welcome Home.
Find a place to park with tires off the two-track. We love you so much!