South Bend Kidz Earthday Gathering Apr 14-23, 2017

From M-55 near Manistee, MI follow these directions:

Directions to South Bend Kidz Earth Day April 14-23, 2017.

Coordinates: 44.178687,-86.141678


1 ) From 55 Caberfae highway, turn south on Skocelas Road
2) Turn right off on 9 mile bridge road
3) Almost immediately after turning, Turn right (no sign) on to Little River Drive at this point you will loose your GPS but surprisingly you will still be able to make a phone call
4) The second right hand trail you will see stones and a blue marker and keep on driving down next to the electric lines.
5) Look for red and blue markers on trail going to the left.
6) First trail on left Some Lewins Art in the tree.
7) After turning into trail you will find a large circle for parking, a white van and a Honda are there.
8) beyond the Honda there is a blue tent. Near it are branches on the ground…. follow making a trail up the hill and then start yelling……Welcome Home ……
Kitchen needs- rope, trash bags, water until they get more rope, and good energy! 

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